Jingdong 315 quality home appliances Festival! Take quality discount home together

A sudden epidemic has given people a new understanding of the concept of “home” and a more diversified understanding of life. The experience of staying at home for a long time makes us rethink a question, that is, how to make home full of happiness, not just a closed private space?

Last year, I spent nearly half of my time at home. I tried many times to improve the happiness index of family life. For example, cooking, playing games, self-learning guitar and so on, to sum up, it’s nothing to do. Finally, in my trial and error over and over again, I also bought a series of home appliances as helpers. However, with them, I found that my quality of life was improved instantly!

Today, I’d like to share with you my experience of home appliance shopping!


For those of us who don’t know much about home appliances, we value two things when buying home appliances: one is quality, the other is service. After visiting the major platforms, I finally chose Jingdong. Why? Two words, easy!

First of all, Jingdong appliance platform always adheres to the guarantee of genuine goods and strictly controls the quality of products. As far as I know, in order to improve the quality of products on sale, the entry threshold of large and small household appliances in JD is very high, and the strict quality inspection and sampling process standards will shut out many bad businesses and low-quality products, ensuring a better user experience.

In addition, the service of Jingdong household appliances is also well-known. The “30-30-180” service strategy implemented by Jingdong household appliances since 2013 is worth praising. The 30 day price protection service can solve the problem that we are worried about the price reduction after purchasing household appliances. We don’t need to wait for the holiday promotion to place an order. Buy early and enjoy early! 30 days of quality problem return, 180 days of quality problem exchange is to let us order more assured, any problem can be found to solve the export, free of worries.

Some friends said: my air-conditioned TV can still be used. It’s a pity to replace it with a new one. In response to these replacement needs, JD appliances is also constantly promoting and improving the platform’s old for new service. At present, Jingdong home appliance trade in service has established regular circulation and disposal channels, and the whole process of visualization and informatization has relieved many concerns of consumers. At the same time, it also launched the “three free” service of free door-to-door, free machine dismantling and free handling, so that consumers do not have to worry about the second charge, and effectively avoid the chaos of traditional household appliances recycling, such as random bargaining, poor service and insecurity. There are also subsidies that everyone cares about, and you can get a thousand yuan discount at most! In particular, the air-conditioning category has the greatest strength of renewal: no limit on brand, no limit on service life, no limit on product phase, 300 yuan subsidy for all old hanging machines, 600 yuan subsidy for old cabinet machines. No mistake, no matter how old the air conditioner is, it’s worth money. Don’t sell waste products~


A good home appliance can not only free us from the daily heavy chores, let us have enough time to accompany our family and do more meaningful things. At the same time, it can also show personality and taste, make life a new one, and enhance our sense of happiness. From March 9 to March 15, the 315 quality home appliance festival of Jingdong will reduce 30 for every 300, and will be interest free for up to 24 periods. For consumers who need to replace their home appliances, it is undoubtedly a great blessing! If you need help, please hurry up!



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