Xiaomi launched a new generation of miejia mosquito repellent to support Xiaoai’s control

May 10 news, in today’s, millet launched a new generation of rice home mosquito repellent – rice home intelligent mosquito repellent 2

According to the official news released by Xiaomi, this Mijia intelligent mosquito repeller 2 supports the remote control of Xiaoai voice switch and Mijia app, and has two power supply modes. The crowdfunding price is 59 yuan, and the retail price is 69 yuan in the later stage. Crowdfunding will be started at 10:00 a.m. on May 12.


It is reported that micia intelligent mosquito repeller 2 has two power supply modes, which can be powered directly by two No. 5 batteries or through usb-c interface. It is worth noting that the voice control, remote control, intelligent linkage and other functions of Mijia intelligent mosquito repeller 2 need to be used with Xiaoai speaker with Bluetooth mesh gateway function in the usb-c power supply mode.

Author: Chen Zihong



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