Konka aphaea oledv5 leads the popularity of OLED

Born to shine! Konka aphaea oledv5 leads the popularization of OLED! On May 11, Konka’s aphaea OLED V5 was released worldwide today. It costs 15999 yuan for 65 inch OLED V5 and 9999 yuan for 55 inch OLED V5. During the pre-sale period, the profit is 4000 yuan, 55 inches only 5999 yuan, 65 inches only 11999 yuan. Now it is scheduled that the national delivery will be launched on May 21, Konka’s birthday.


Big size! Leading and popularizing OLED

According to authoritative industry data, in the first quarter of 2021, the average market price was 3142 yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 31.7%, of which the average online price was 2558 yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 38.1%; Offline average price of 4201 yuan, up 27.%%. The average size of color TV sets shipped in the first quarter of 2021 is 4 inches higher than that in the first quarter of 19, and it is in a rapid and continuous upward trend. With the growing demand for large-scale TV, OLED has been developed for nearly nine years, and the majority of consumers fully understand the excellent display characteristics of OLED.


As we all know, the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge has changed China from a big bridge country to a powerful bridge country, from Europe’s “neck sticking” in technology, high consulting fees, to independent R & D and smooth customs clearance. The shield machine, known as the underground dragon, has made China a demon of infrastructure construction. From the technology blockade to leading the global market share of 70%, the cost has decreased by 80%. Innumerable from 0 to the world’s leading, made in China to break the monopoly and constantly rewrite history. The pioneers of “made in China” let the “former Wang Xietang Qianyan” into the “ordinary people’s home”, which not only reflects the surpassing Chinese creative ability, but also reflects the amazing ability of “made in China”.

Konka, as a leading brand of domestic color TV sets, takes the lead in launching the OLED TV popularization war. Konka fully understands the pain points of users, launches the “popularization is the ultimate killer” action, launches the aphaea OLED V5 series, takes the lead in popularizing OLED, brings the perfect audio-visual products into the public vision, so that thousands of households can really enjoy high-quality OLED TV at a small cost.


Wisdom +! Expand from single TV product to full scene

Konka’s aphaea OLED V5 continues the brand gene of aphaea family’s art, technology and humanity. In the smart home scene, as the control center of smart home, Konka’s aphaea OLED V5 realizes the home central control by combining with the app, smart watch and smart speaker of afaia smart home, and realizes the smart home ecosystem through the “1 + 3 + n” multi category product matrix.

As the pioneer of Konka’s “wisdom +” strategy, aphaea OLED V5 adheres to the concept of “Art + technology + humanity” and takes technological innovation as the support to create a high-quality and high-value intelligent experience of the whole product, scene and industry for the vast number of consumers.

Born to shine“ Enjoy both seeing and listening

Highlight 1: born to shine

Aphaea OLED V5 series has dual HDR technology, and is equipped with the exclusive true color enhanced color wheel engine independently developed by Konka. This technology can make the color more pure and gorgeous. Through dynamic repair and compensation for the brightness and contrast of each pixel, the light and dark details of the image quality can be displayed more richly, and the color is almost real. Compared with ordinary OLED machines, The general picture effect is increased by 20% ~ 30%, and the dark scene picture effect is increased by 50%

Aphaea OLED V5 is equipped with black label JBL Pro original speaker. JBL represents the cutting-edge technology in the field of acoustics. In the field of television, Konka is also a well deserved leader in the industry. Konka’s aphaea OLED V5, with the blessing of JBL’s imported original speakers, fully integrates picture quality and sound quality technology. What it brings is not only a simple combination of effects, but also a full range of audio-visual enjoyment without short board.


Highlight 2: boundless industrial design with exquisite details and comfortable emotional experience

The inspiration of aphaea OLED V5 series design comes from the modern cold urban environment of reinforced concrete structure and the increasingly simplified home atmosphere of urban people. The thinnest 3.6mm ultra thin screen, pure line frame design, geometric lattice element back shell and super metal flat plate simple base design make TV products better integrate into modern living space.

In addition to the front and side view of the color TV, the detail design of the back shell of the fuselage is also very exquisite. The large surface pattern is used to echo with the local special ridge pattern to increase the product level. At the same time, Konka has specially set up a CMF team to create product language by borrowing the color space of NCS natural color system in Sweden, harmoniously match classic colors, create scientific and intelligent visual experience, and enrich product color language. Boundless design with realistic OLED display makes it difficult to distinguish between true and false.

Highlight 3: the OBM fully automated production line, which is leading the international standard, is not a handicraft or even a handicraft

In order to realize the design standard of aphaea V5 series products, Konka aphaea V5 series all realize automatic production in high-precision OBM production line.

OBM production line is built by Konka in Guangming, Shenzhen. It is the first OBM imported from South Korea. Compared with Konka’s third-generation OLED TV, the V5 TV backplane adopts a new composite material scheme for the first time. It is made of three-layer materials. The strength is greatly improved, the production process is simplified, and the product texture is greatly improved, so as to ensure that every TV is a product of high standard technology, not a handicraft or even a handicraft.

Highlight 4: new upgrade of Yiyou system

Apart from the high standard requirements of sound quality, picture quality and technology, the system and content of aphaea V5 are also outstanding. Aphaea V5 is equipped with the newly upgraded new interactive system of easy pomelo, with highly integrated wonderful content, multi-function and multi-mode integration, realizing the new upgrade in the era of full scene intelligence, and bringing users a simpler control experience.

The aphaea V5 series can realize many leisure and entertainment scenes, such as video call, AI fitness, remote assistance, beauty effect photography, AI photo album, AR interactive game, etc; Through OLED super local light control, we can achieve more diverse application scenarios; In order to better show the image quality of OLED and serve the game enthusiasts, the V5 series is equipped with Tencent cloud game system. It is not necessary to download or install the game package separately, and connect the handle to play 3A legitimate authorized games on TV.


Konka adheres to the product policy of “reserving one generation, mass production one generation, and popularizing one generation”. The launch of OLED popularization action this time is bound to form a generation gap advantage in the industry and help OLED TV products enter thousands of households.

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