Strictly forbid “paying for tickets” to rectify the chaos of online variety show in Beijing

After the “milk pouring incident”, the network variety show ushered in strong supervision. On May 10, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of radio and television issued the “notice on Further Strengthening the management of online variety shows” (hereinafter referred to as the “notice”) to rectify the problems of star chasing, star speculation and pan entertainment in some variety shows, and crack down on irrational support and other behaviors.

Beijing Radio and television

Beijing Municipal Bureau of radio, film and television micro signal “capital radio and television” issued an article, saying that in order to further standardize the communication order of network original audio-visual programs, and actively create a clean and healthy network audio-visual space, it puts forward further requirements for the creation and broadcasting of network variety show.

“Notice” wrote: network variety show shall not set up “spend money to buy vote” link, strictly prohibit deliberately guide, encourage Internet users to take shopping, full membership and other material means to vote for the contestants. It is strictly forbidden for any organization or individual to make false data and interfere with program selection in the form of “paying for tickets” and “raising funds for voting”.

A few days ago, after the outflow of “milk pouring video”, the crazy “fight and cast” behavior in the rice circle behind was exposed to the public. In order to send the idols to the top, fans bought the votes printed on the bottle caps of milk products at a high price, which led dealers and scalpers to pour out the milk and sell the milk caps, causing an uproar of public opinion.

Beijing Municipal Bureau of radio, film and television has ordered iqiyi to suspend the recording of “youth has you 3”. Since May 6, iqiyi and Mengniu zhenguoli have apologized for the “milk pouring incident”, and the above-mentioned power channel has been closed. In this article, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of radio, film and television said that it would strictly manage and regulate the online variety shows of talent shows, and resist the bad tendencies of following suit, similar themes, only face value traffic, excessive entertainment and so on.

Many people said that the constraints on the platform should really be put on the agenda. Under the guidance of the rules of the game, many fans have been deprived of the real right to choose. The milk pouring incident, which has entered the public view, is also a problem of the rules set by the platform and advertisers behind the “sniped” fans.

It’s a long time ago

The initiation of this “notice” means that it will be illegal for any program to vote by means of similar product purchase. But it is worth noting that this is not a new rule.

As early as more than ten years ago, when the TV talent shows such as “super girl” and “fast man” were on the rise, there were provisions on the supervision to restrict the material investment.

2018 is known as the first year of idol talent show. The birth of a variety show “idol trainee” brings a new talent show mode to the public. Fans are known as “youth producers”. As long as they do their best to fight for their idols, they can send their idols into groups, making countless girls crazy.

At the same time, talent shows begin to be bundled with commercial products. As long as you buy the designated products of the program’s naming company, you can get extra votes to vote. Subsequently, most of the talent shows such as “create 101”, “youth has you” and “create camp 2019” adopted this voting mode, so as to achieve the binding of brand and players.

After 2019, online talent shows will rise in an all-round way, and the interaction between sponsors and programs will be closer. According to statistics, in the three seasons of “youth has you” and the four seasons of “youth Creation Camp”, the average number of brand launch and IP authorized cooperative customers is 20 / season, which shows the strong ability of idol talent show to attract money.

In February 2020, under the guidance of the network Department of the State Administration of radio, film and television and formulated by the China network audio visual program service association, the “detailed rules for the content audit standards of network variety show” stipulates that talent shows and idol cultivation programs shall not set up the “spend money to buy votes” link.

However, from a practical point of view, although the detailed rules were issued, it did not stop the program team from playing the side ball. In this year’s “creative camp 2021”, the term “support” is used, while “youth has you 3” uses “ZHUGE value”. In fact, its essence is to vote for the contestants.

Strengthening the supervision of online variety show

In addition to stipulating that no investment is allowed, the notice requires that online variety shows should advocate morality and integrity, give full play to the comprehensive evaluation role of experts and scholars, media representatives, industry representatives and audience representatives, and formulate scientific and reasonable scoring and promotion standards.

For participants such as program contestants and guests, the notice requires all online audio-visual program service organizations to strictly review the background of the contestants, and strictly prohibit the selection of guests who have criminal records, personal bad credit records, public opinion and scandal, and bad social influence. In addition, minors are forbidden to participate in online variety shows such as talent shows, and packaging and hyping of star children are prohibited.

In terms of creation orientation, the notice emphasizes that online variety shows should firmly resist fans’ star chasing and star speculation, false shows, conflicts intensification, pleasure and money worship, boring games and other bad behaviors, and stick to the social moral and aesthetic bottom line.

In addition, “notice” also for the network variety “high price film pay” problem played a preventive injection. According to the requirements of Beijing Municipal Bureau of radio, film and television, network audio-visual program service organizations should avoid high price star chasing, extravagance and waste, strictly follow the management regulations of radio and television administrative departments, and control the remuneration of film and television stars participating in network variety shows at a reasonable amount.

As for the chaos of fans’ support, the notice requires that all online audio-visual program service organizations should bear the main responsibility, deeply understand the serious harm of fans’ irrational voice support, star chasing and pan entertainment, strengthen the whole process management of online variety shows, and carry out cooperation with advertisers, brokerage companies, contractors and other relevant parties in accordance with laws and regulations, We should conscientiously fulfill our peripheral and extended responsibilities.

On May 8, at a press conference of the state information office, Zhang Yongjun, director of the Comprehensive Network Management Bureau of the state Internet Information Office, said that “the first is to clean up harmful information, The second is to resolutely deal with the group accounts of professional black powder and malicious marketing, and the third is to resolutely deal with the website platforms that connive at chaos, especially the website platforms that never change after repeated education, which will definitely be severely punished. “.

However, it remains to be seen whether the platform can be regulated and whether the mess in the rice circle can be solved after the official exit.

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