Han Xue becomes the first brand image spokesman of JUNLEBAO milk powder

Beijing business daily (reporter Qian Yu, Wang Xiao) on May 9, actor Han Xue officially signed a contract with JUNLEBAO milk powder, becoming the first brand image spokesperson of JUNLEBAO milk powder.

It is understood that youcui organic milk powder is the first moderately hydrolyzed organic milk powder in the whole industry chain, adding 14 kinds of nutrients such as small molecular protein and probiotics, making the formula more comprehensive. The milk source is organic raw milk from its own pasture, which can be powdered at one time and can be traced in the whole process. It retains the natural flavor and rich nutritional value of raw milk, and the sales volume in the first month of trial sale exceeded 120 million yuan.

JUNLEBAO milk powder put forward the goal of producing “world-class” good milk powder at the beginning of its listing, and created two production modes for this purpose: one is to take the lead in launching the whole industry chain mode in the world, that is, to realize the integrated management and operation of the whole industry chain of forage planting, cow breeding, production and processing, so as to ensure the safety of milk powder; The second is to accelerate the construction of “five world-class” management mode, that is, to ensure the high quality of milk powder with world-class R & D, world-class advanced pasture, world-class leading factories, world-class partners and world-class food safety management system.

Euromonitor data shows that JUNLEBAO milk powder has led the world in growth for six consecutive years, becoming the world’s growth champion. Every day, more than 4 million mothers choose JUNLEBAO milk powder, with a product re purchase rate of 96% and a net recommended value of 45%. The data also shows that JUNLEBAO’s milk powder production and sales are leading in the country, and its market share has exceeded all imported milk powder brands.

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