Fully evolved battle machine Tianxuan 2 core version on sale price “Zhenxiang”

At present, the most popular game is ASUS Tianxuan. When it first came out last year, it quickly won the praise of the players with the combination of “two-dimensional + NVIDIA geforcertx + Super processor”. In the red sea of the game book, it made a breakthrough and won a vote of loyal fans. This method of integrating the two-dimensional spirit kernel into the high-performance game book makes young users find that the notebook can do so well.

While the iron is hot, this year, ASUS launched the new product of Tianxuan 2 game, and carried out a comprehensive upgrade. The new version uses Intel’s latest 11 generation core platform, with NVIDIA geforcertx30 series performance class unique, with a price of 5999 yuan, interest free for the third phase, and return 100 yuan e card, bringing “real fragrance” experience to players.

Tianxuan 2, which opens the appointment, can carry up to 11 generations of core i7-11800h high-performance mobile processor. It adopts 8-core 16 thread design, willowcove core architecture and 10nm manufacturing process. This is the first time that Intel’s Orthodox H-series processors use the 10nm process, and the previous generations are all chips with skylake architecture and 14nm process. In addition, tigerlake-h processor has 20 pcie4.0 channels to meet the requirements of pcie4.0 graphics card and pcie4.0 SSD. In terms of connection performance, it supports wi-fi6 / 6e (gig +) and lightning 4.

ASUS Tianxuan 2 is a product loved by both the Party of beauty and hard core players. In terms of appearance, it brings two kinds of color matching: Magic green and eclipse grey. Magic green is very suitable for tianxuanji’s new combat suit. The C side is also equipped with pure white color matching, which is very rare in the game book. The honeycomb cooling holes on the D side have the texture of magic mecha. The hard lines are very handsome, and the overall appearance value is very high, Perfect interpretation of the design elements of the Z generation.

For the screen part, Tianxuan 2 is still the most popular 15.6-inch game book. If you want to get a more shocking visual experience, you can choose Tianxuan 2plus with a 17.3-inch large screen.

In terms of interface design, the left side of Tianxuan 2 has Gigabit LAN network port, full-size HDMI, two usbtype-a, two in one audio interface, and a usb-c, which supports dp1.4, so it can display 8k60 and 4k120 output, and the right side has a usb3.1gen1 speed type-A interface.

Tianxuan 2, the cooling part that many players care about, also has a special design. It uses asus’s own glacier cooling system, which is equipped with double fans and 4 heat pipes. A large number of cooling mesh holes are made on the left side of the fuselage and on the back of the machine for air intake, and the heat is blown out on the right side and the tail of the fuselage. ASUS also said that they have upgraded the fan and are using trapezoidal cutting shell, It can improve the heat dissipation efficiency by about 25%.


If you really want to start a game book with excellent performance, you can’t miss today’s good opportunity. Now Tianxuan 2 core processor has launched a peak 24-hour welfare activity, with a price of 5999 yuan. You can get the JD e card and enjoy the interest free welfare of the third period of the white bar. The configuration is the high configuration version of the 11th generation core 8-core processor i7-11800h, the graphics card adopts rtx3060, and the version of the 11th generation core 6-core processor i5-11400h, the graphics card adopts rtx3050, which is very worthy of starting.

Author: Zhao Ziqi & nbsp;



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