Popular Guoman IP extends to game development or becomes the next outlet

2021 is the first year of the fourteenth five year plan, and it is also the starting year of the cultural power strategy. The diversity of cultural life is embodied in tangible and intangible, and the value of Guoman is being re recognized. Guoman IP, with the help of perfect world and other manufacturers, is extending to games and other fields, or becoming the next outlet.

The rise of Guoman track

Once upon a time, Japanese animation was the first choice for Chinese secondary users to watch animation. But now, the status of domestic animation in the hearts of secondary users has been rapidly improved. With the help of Chinese aesthetic creation and national spirit, Guoman is rising.

Since 2015, the return of the sage of journey to the west, big fish Begonia, 100000 cold jokes 2 and the origin of the white snake have been released one after another. Last year, the magic boy of Nezha came to the world ranked second in the box office list of Chinese film history with more than 5 billion box office. These popular works not only attracted many non second dimensional audiences, but also changed the stereotype of Guoman.

 爆款国漫IP向游戏开发延伸 或成下一风口

(the birth of Nezha’s Devil boy has become the second Chinese film to break the box office of 5 billion after war wolf 2)

If we assume that the ticket price of each movie is 50 yuan, and the second brush and above audiences account for 15% to 25%, it is estimated that the audience size of the movie is about 83 million, which is already quite large.

High box office is an example, more is behind the expansion of domestic animation audience and acceptance. In the final analysis, these are also inseparable from the high-quality drive of domestic animation content, as well as the user’s high pride in the Chinese cultural connotation behind the domestic animation.

According to iResearch data, in 2019, China’s secondary users will become more fond of domestic animation due to its richer historical and cultural connotation, more distinctive painting style with Chinese characteristics, more similar values, and users’ national pride.

According to Kwai Kwai big data Institute’s “2020 fast two times content inventory”, two of the two generation of viewers in the Kwai Z accounted for over 85%. The post-90s like to watch hand-painted, the post-95s like to watch animation dramas, and the post-00s like to watch comics, JK uniforms and virtual idols.

Guoman game plus

With the “demand expansion” of Guoman content, the Rookies of the track are also adding weight. At present, the long-term operation of Guoman IP extends from animation to games, comics, films and TV dramas, and gradually forms a circle culture with major IP as the core. In particular, the game adapted from Guoman IP may become the next outlet of the game industry.

For example, recently, perfect world game announced that it had won several Guoman, Riman and two-dimensional IP, which attracted a lot of fans.

In terms of Guoman IP, perfect world will cooperate with color bar house in strategic cooperation, and will adapt top domestic animation IP’s “journey to the West: the return of the great sage”, “Nezha’s magic boy” and “Jiang Ziya”. These three IP films have been released successively, and have won box office and word-of-mouth success in succession. The Chinese myth series IP of color bar house has successfully integrated Chinese traditional culture and young popular elements, and has become the benchmark of Chinese original animation IP.

 爆款国漫IP向游戏开发延伸 或成下一风口

(perfect world and color bar house start strategic cooperation)

In addition to the color bar house, perfect world game also announced that it will cooperate with BiliBili and Yihua Kaitian to prepare to develop the popular domestic animation IP “Linglong” in an all-round way. This IP is widely regarded by the audience as showing Guoman’s ambition and the ability to connect with international standards, and it is very popular. The future development of game products is expected.

In addition to Guoman, perfect world game has also obtained a number of Japanese classic game animations. The official announced cooperations include “million King Arthur” and “one punch Superman”, as well as the IP of a mysterious hall level host jrpg, involving products such as code name: Ma, one punch Superman: world, code name: X, etc. In addition, perfect world’s innovative and diversified products include magic tower, code name: R and project: prism.

According to the annual report of perfect world in 2020, the company’s performance grew steadily, with a revenue of 10.225 billion yuan and a net profit of 1.549 billion yuan, up 27.19% and 3.04% respectively on a year-on-year basis; The game business achieved an operating revenue of 9.262 billion yuan and a net profit of 2.285 billion yuan, up 35.00% and 20.43% respectively on a year-on-year basis. According to the 2021q1 quarterly report, in the first quarter of this year, perfect world achieved an operating revenue of 2.231 billion yuan and a net profit of 464 million yuan.

In the huge Z generation young group, Guoman IP vertical users and game users are highly overlapped. The game has natural advantages in mining and spreading Guoman IP. First, it has lower acquisition cost and wider audience; Second, it has an excellent sense of user substitution, which will further promote the global spread speed of Guoman IP.

At present, the game has become the key extension field of Guoman IP, and major platforms and manufacturers have begun to add Guoman game content, which has brought about market growth.

Analysts pointed out that excellent Guoman IP is in a state of scarcity, and being able to obtain IP has ensured the popularity of products, but the test has just begun, which is why manufacturers with more R & D ability and IP cultivation ability can give priority to Guoman IP cooperation. At present, perfect world takes the lead in the layout of Guoman and related two-dimensional games, showing the strong strength of new track products and the attitude of deep cultivation of self-developed products. The prospect is promising.



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