What are the new choices for 2021 art students

Beijing business daily (reporter Hu Xiaoyu) the graduation exhibitions of art colleges opened in may one after another, which also represents that art students are about to “wave into the sea” and go to the workplace. According to statistics from the Ministry of education, the total number of college graduates in 2021 will reach 9.09 million, an increase of 350000 over the same period last year. Although there is no clear figure showing the proportion of art students, some people in the industry estimate that there are more than 300000 people.

Although there is no lack of the voice of “difficult to find a job” every year, compared with the trough of spring recruitment in the same period last year, the graduation job season in 2021 has a turn for the better“ Last year, affected by the epidemic, the job fairs and double election meetings of various colleges and universities were forced to be held online. This year’s job fair is online and offline, and the effect is much better. ” Xiao Zhang, a graduate of the Academy of fine arts, said that he recently participated in the national culture and art industry recruitment fair launched by the Ministry of education this year. There are more than 80 enterprises that can deliver their resumes on the spot, and there are more than 300 recruitment contents of enterprises and institutions online.

Talking about the overall situation of art students’ employment this year, Chen Wuxin, an art teacher and senior art education analyst, said that although the problems always exist, they do not affect the overall trend of improvement: “the demand of employers is still in the stage of gradual release. Excluding epidemic factors, the overall talent market demand of art students is expanding, especially in the design industry. Social development is moving from “making” to “creating”. There are many opportunities for artistic talents. “

Liu Yuan, a graphic design graduate from a key undergraduate university in Beijing, told Beijing Business Daily that he was satisfied with this year’s employment environment: “when he returns to Shenzhen, he has a monthly salary of more than 10000 yuan, a normal two-day break, and students studying illustration also get the same treatment. However, some good studios in big cities are not well paid at the beginning, with a monthly salary of only four or five thousand, and some students regard it as a good platform and a good destination. There are also two friends who graduated from colleges and universities. At present, they are offered a monthly salary of 7000, but they don’t have a double break. ” Although the treatment is not the same, but in Liu Yuan’s view, graphic design graduates have a wide range of choices.

Chen Wuxin said that the demand for visual communication major, including digital media, graphic design, illustration and other directions, is relatively large this year, “because the visual communication major is more practical, and its publicity, exhibition, and even turning to new media have a wide range of employment. In the past, animation major was not good for employment, but now it has been greatly improved.

When it comes to the current situation of the talent market of art education and training, people in the industry say frankly that it is “complex”. A studio teacher revealed, “under the strong demand for education and training, we have to treat it differently. Internet education companies and studio training institutions are under strong work pressure. They eat youth meals, and the mobility of teachers is also great. Most graduates prefer public or well-known private schools. “

Compared with last year, the reporter of Beijing business daily noticed that new enterprises and posts appeared in the ranks of art recruitment this year.

In March this year, NFT encrypted art works were sold at Christie’s with 450 million yuan, and the concept of blockchain art swept the domestic art circle. It can be seen that BCA blockchain Art Center recently launched spring recruitment. It boasts that it has incubated encryption art studio, China’s first encryption art NFT trading platform, encryption art gallery, etc., and comprehensively recruited 9 types of posts.

The organization’s requirements for visual designers are different from the traditional art industry: “it has pioneering experimental spirit in design, and refuses the vector illustration style prevailing on the Internet.” “I’m not familiar with this field, so I’ll take a wait-and-see attitude,” Liu said However, some people in the industry said that institutions have received investment, coupled with the rising trend of blockchain art development, it is a new choice for art practitioners.

According to the new occupation information announced by the Ministry of human resources and social security at the beginning of this year, architectural curtain wall designer has become one of the new occupations, which refers to the engineering and technical personnel engaged in the creation or creative work of decorative skin of building curtain wall and similar curtain wall, and drawing decorative skin drawings of curtain wall or similar curtain wall.

In addition to joining the professional construction team, some art students who choose flexible employment also find a way to work part-time or start a business in wall painting design. Some graduates of mural painting department said that they used their spare time to take over hand-painted orders such as homestay and park during their school days. Now they see that the market demand is expanding. Some students choose to set up companies and studios for wall painting and floor painting, and live broadcast the painting process to become the new Internet Celebrities.

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