On the 10th anniversary of the birth of chromebook, Google launched many new functions for it

Today, Google’s official blog celebrates the 10th anniversary of the birth of chromebook and reviews the past decade of chromebook. At the same time, it has launched a number of new functions for Chrome OS. In addition to the built-in screen recording tool, it also improves the phonehub, clipboard, and desktop experience. These new functions can help users improve work efficiency and complete work easily and quickly.

One of the most noteworthy features is phonehub, which has a built-in control center for chromebook, which can introduce the key functions of users’ Android phones into chromebook. For example, users can use chromebook to view the last page tags opened on the mobile phone, check the battery power, and even reply to emails.

They also expand wi fisync to be used with more devices at the same time. When users log in with the same Google account, chromebook can also automatically connect to the same trusted Wi Fi network as Android smartphones / other Chrome OS devices without entering a password.

Author: September


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