How does the telephone work? Telephone brand recommendation

In life, telephone is very common, but do you know how it works? As consumers, how should we choose the brand of telephone? Let pchouse recommend it to you.

1、 How does a telephone work

Telephone communication is a kind of communication technology that uses the medium of “electricity” to transmit language through the conversion of sound energy and electric energy. The simplest way for two users to communicate is to connect two telephones with a pair of lines.

When the speaker picks up the phone and talks to the transmitter, the vibration of the vocal cord excites the air to vibrate, forming sound waves. Sound wave acts on the transmitter to produce current, which is called voice current. The voice current is transmitted to the receiver of the opposite telephone along the line. The receiver, on the other hand, is the opposite of the transmitter, which converts the current into sound waves and carries them through the air to the human ear.

In this way, the simplest call process is completed.

2、 Telephone brand recommendation

1. Siemens. Siemens can be said to be an old brand, which has three main brands of refrigerator, TV and telephone. Siemens products have always been quality-oriented to win the favor of the majority of people.

2. Philips. Philips, one of the largest electronic companies in the world, was founded in the Netherlands in 1891. It mainly produces lighting, home appliances, medical systems, etc. its mobile phone brand is also popular among middle-aged people.

3. Panasonic. Panasonic is also an enterprise that produces digital audio-visual, small household appliances, office products, household appliances and professional equipment in special fields. Panasonic is also a multinational company, so when you buy a telephone, you can take it easy.

4、TCL。 TCL is a group joint-stock company. It has always been the leading enterprise in household appliances and communication appliances. In our hearts, we all know that TCL is an old brand, so we don’t have to worry about any quality problems.

How a telephone works, in fact, is through the conversion of sound energy and electric energy, and the use of “electricity” as a medium to transmit language. Telephone brand recommendation as above, a telephone, must pass the quality, can accompany with oneself for many years.

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