The core area of core i7-11700k is too large

The desktop version of Intel’s 11th generation core processor, codenamed rocketlake-s, will be released on March 30. However, before that, a German retailer released the core i7-11700k processor ahead of schedule, so a small number of players have bought and tested it in advance. And in recent days, abroad Moeben, an enthusiast of the forum, opened the cover of the core i7-11700k processor he bought, and let the outside world see the true face of rocketlake-s chip for the first time.

From the open cover photos, we can find that the chip area of core i7-11700k is amazing! It is estimated to be 270 square millimeters, much larger than the core i7-10700k with 8 cores, and even much larger than the core i9-10900k with 10 cores.

In fact, it’s easy to understand why the area of the core i7-11700k chip has increased dramatically. Rocketlake-s has updated its core micro architecture from skylake to cypress cove. It’s reported that the number of transistors per core of cypress Cove is about 1.4 times that of skylake. Considering that rocketlake-s still adopts the 14nm process and the density has not been improved, the 8-core core i7-11700k is higher than the 10 core i9-10900k The chip area is even larger.

Based on the lga1200 socket, it is obvious that the 270 square millimeter chip has reached the limit, and it is difficult to accommodate 10 cypress Cove cores. Therefore, the core i9-11900k and core i7-11700k in rocketlake-s family are the largest 8-core designs, while the core i9-11900k supports TVB technology to achieve higher single core / full core frequency.

Author: Diamond Bay


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