How much gold is left to dig in the new public beta “baokemeng”

Following the approval of the version in February this year, on May 13, the mobile game “baokemeng adventure” finally launched a full platform public beta. According to taptap data, the game ranked first in the hot list of Android games and IOS games《 The high popularity of “baokemeng adventure” once again proves the market value of IP “baokemeng”, and the IP has become one of the most attractive IP in the world, and has realized diversified adaptations in many fields such as games, film and television. With the emergence of more products, people are also curious about how much gold there is to dig in baokemeng.

新游公测 “宝可梦”还有多少金可挖

Top of the list

Pikachu, miaowa seed, little fire dragon, Jennie turtle… These familiar “baokemeng” characters appeared again in front of the players on May 13, along with the public beta of the mobile game “baokemeng adventure”.

According to public information, “baokemeng adventure” was published by Netease and the Pok é Mon company and game break Inc. jointly developed, is a square shaped baokemeng as the protagonist of leisure collection and hand game. On February 9, 2021, “baokemeng adventure” officially passed the examination and approval of imported games and won the edition number. Then, on April 16, baokemeng launched the deletion charging test, which lasted until April 24.

Since the end of the deletion charging test, the popularity of baokemeng adventure has been on the rise. Two days before the launch of the public test, the number of bookings in the whole network has exceeded 10 million. With the full platform beta, the popularity of the game further broke out. According to taptap, as of 16:00 on May 13, baokemeng adventure ranked first in the hot list and new product list of Android games. Meanwhile, baokemeng adventure also ranked first in the hot list of IOS games. In view of the current market feedback, Beijing Business Daily reporter contacted baokemeng exploration, but as of press, no response has been received.

Fang an, a gamer, told Beijing Business Daily that “baokemeng” can be regarded as an IP growing up with him. From watching animation to experiencing a variety of game products at the beginning, he has experienced a large number of “baokemeng” related products so far. Therefore, after the announcement of the upcoming public beta of “baokemeng adventure”, he has been paying attention to the online time, When the pre download was started on May 12, he took the lead in downloading the game, just for the first time to experience it.

新游公测 “宝可梦”还有多少金可挖

Diversified adaptation shows gold absorption

The high popularity of “baokemeng adventure” not only reflects the market influence of the game, but also proves the strong market appeal and gold attraction of IP “baokemeng”.

According to the data released by statista, since 1996, people have spent about $100 billion on various businesses of “baokemeng”, which is not only more than that of “Hello Kitty”, “Winnie the Pooh”, “Mickey Mouse” and “Star Wars”, What’s more, it’s almost the sum of people’s spending on the three IP’s of “Marvel movie universe”, “Super Mario” and “Harry Potter”, becoming the most profitable IP in the world.

“The market influence accumulated by baokemeng is closely related to the operation of the IP over the years.” Li Jie, researcher of the digital cultural and creative industry think tank, said that baokemeng initially won the market and audience, and continued to build diversified products. In addition to games, animation, film and television works once again deepened people’s impression of the IP. Since then, baokemeng has also caught up with the trend of card collection, as well as the creation of derivative products that are increasingly valued, Let IP brand image more three-dimensional.

It is worth noting that in the process of IP development, “baokemeng” also has the emergence of popular products. Take the online game “fairy baokemeng go” in 2016 as an example, the global download volume exceeded 100 million times in one month, and it absorbed $832 million in half a year. Since then, it has been on the hot game list for many years. Li Jie believes that the continuous launch of derivative products has strengthened the exposure of “baokemeng” IP, while the emergence of popular products has further strengthened the audience base of “baokemeng” IP.

Aiming at demand and extending vitality

Although the attraction of “baokemeng” has been obvious to all, not all of its related products are recognized by all audiences in the market.

Take the public beta of “baokemeng adventure” as an example. As of the time of Beijing business daily, the score of the game on taptap was 5.6. While some players recognized the game and thought that it could meet the needs of current leisure players, another part of the players made the sound of lack of playability and poor experience.

Zhao Yong, an analyst of the game industry, said that from the perspective of IP, “baokemeng” related games will not lack of market space and player base, which gives the game works natural advantages and high expectations. However, the continuous operation for many years and the continuous output of a large number of products have made the players familiar with the related products, How to maintain innovation and better experience has become a challenge.

In the view of the industry, according to the current development trend, “baokemeng” IP vitality still has a long time, and if it is to continue to extend, high-quality products are essential“ People’s liking for “baokemeng” remains at a high level. In the future, we need to grasp the changes in people’s needs and preferences, predict the trend of market changes, continue to produce high-quality products to meet the market, and enhance the activity and influence of IP. ” Li Jie said so.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Zheng Rui

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