Solid gold made its debut in CPF International Pet Expo, focusing on intestinal health and stimulating new momentum of pet industry

On May 14, the Guangzhou station of CPF International Pet Expo was grandly opened, and solid gold, a comprehensive pet food and nutrition brand of health group, made its debut. As the first official appearance of solid gold sunico after it announced its important brand development strategy, the exhibition focused on solid gold sunico’s unique brand positioning, differentiated product strategy and pet intestinal health, attracting a large number of professional visitors and exhibitors, At the same time, the comprehensive market action announced the official opening of the development blueprint of solid gold sunico China.

 Solid Gold素力高首登CPF国际宠博会,聚焦肠道健康激发宠物行业新动能

Establish brand value and take the lead in the development of pet industry

With the upgrading of new consumption and the rise of Z generation pet owners, more accurate and more professional subdivision categories have gradually become the trend. With the accurate insight of Z generation, Jianhe group leads its new star brand solid gold sunico to break through the industry boundary and add new connotation to the brand development. Under the health concept of “holistic pet food”, solid gold takes pet nutrition as the foothold, extends the value proposition to the physical and mental health of pets, forms the unique brand positioning of “nourish pets from the inside out”, and puts forward the innovative thinking of taking care of the overall health of pets from intestinal health. Solid gold has upgraded its brand concept and put forward the novel idea of “intestinal health, pet keeping should be so easy”. Combined with a number of star products, solid gold has innovatively focused on pet intestinal health, providing consumers with a new interpretation of pet keeping attitude and way, fully releasing the burden of pet owners and facing the reform and development of pet industry.

Under the leadership of the leading concept, solid gold sunico adheres to the brand mission of “making every maowa healthier and every maowa family happier”, cooperates with government agencies, authoritative experts, channel customers and other forces, establishes a series of initiatives such as nutrition research center and advisory committee, and creates a new benchmark of high-end pet nutrition industry. At the same time, solid gold’s high protein cat dry food series and daily nutrition dog dry food series are introduced to the Chinese market, with more high-quality and scientific unique formula, which can meticulously meet the pet needs of generation Z pet owners.

 Solid Gold素力高首登CPF国际宠博会,聚焦肠道健康激发宠物行业新动能

In order to speed up the implementation of the strategic plan for brand development, solid gold takes root in the consumption characteristics of Z generation pet owners, plans ten million level marketing, comprehensively invades pet culture, and deeply excavates the consumption potential of Z generation. This time, solid gold made its debut in Guangzhou station of CPF International Pet Expo. Solid gold took the first step of penetrating into China’s pet market, creating an unprecedented new experience of pet keeping from theme to content, form to product, setting off a new trend of pet health, and taking the lead in the development of pet industry.

Activate the new knowledge of intestinal health and lead the new trend of pet health

In the past decades, people’s attitude towards pets has changed dramatically. Nowadays, more and more consumers regard pets as part of their families. High end and refinement have become the inevitable demand for the development of the whole pet industry. Solid gold has always been based on the brand positioning of all-round pet food and nutrition. Through innovative products and concepts, solid gold has brought unexpected surprises to the pet market. In this CPF International Expo, solid gold is looking for super-proga by building “convenient Beauty Research Institute” ™ The series of innovative forms and contents, such as gold nutrition exchange “gold poop ice cream”, connect the pet culture in the way that Z generation likes, activate the new knowledge of intestinal health, and quickly attract the attention of professional visitors and exhibitors.

 Solid Gold素力高首登CPF国际宠博会,聚焦肠道健康激发宠物行业新动能

 Solid Gold素力高首登CPF国际宠博会,聚焦肠道健康激发宠物行业新动能

In this Expo, solid gold’s two main products, high protein full-term chicken and cat food and small dog full-term chicken and dog food, were traced to the world, selected the best natural materials from the origin, and added super-proga on the basis of strengthening the five essential nutrients of protein, vitamins, fat, minerals and carbohydrates for cats and dogs ™ The difference formula of gold nutrient composition. Superfoods contains a variety of natural high fiber quality fruits and vegetables to meet the nutritional needs of pets, stimulate intestinal peristalsis and promote digestion and absorption; One billion patent active probiotics can significantly improve the intestinal environment and support the immune system; Combined with omega-3 / 6, it can effectively promote the proliferation of intestinal beneficial bacteria, nourish the hair, provide the healthy development of pet intestines in three dimensions of “balance, cleaning and promotion”, and strengthen the foundation for the overall health of pets from the intestinal tract. With the support of core products, the two products became popular products on the opening day of the exhibition and won the unanimous praise of the audience.

 Solid Gold素力高首登CPF国际宠博会,聚焦肠道健康激发宠物行业新动能

In addition to a series of market actions to refresh the industry’s cognition, solid gold’s fine layout on channel strategy has also become the focus of attention at this CPF International Pet Expo. Channel partners came in droves to convey the recognition and expectation of solid gold. At present, solid gold sunico China has created a set of mutually beneficial, flexible and efficient cooperation mode with channel partners to promote win-win online and offline, brand and channel. On line, solid gold strives to accelerate market share by deepening cooperation with big platforms such as tmall and Jingdong, and at the same time, realizes big trade and cross-border development at the same time, ensures product differentiation between channels, so as to build a solid online channel foundation. As for offline channels, solid gold suligor plans to complete the recruitment of distributors in the first half of the year, link breeder, pet hospital and stores, explore the most efficient activities to help sales, and strive to build solid gold suligor into the most popular channel brand in the industry.

In the new era pattern, China’s pet economic development is ushering in a new round of changes. Solid gold sunico, as a leading brand in the field of high-end pet nutrition, has developed the PPAE concept of premium, proven, aspirational and engaging, And driven by the multi brand, multi category and multi-channel development strategy, we should adhere to the synchronous development of product innovation and training market, and accelerate the upgrading and transformation of the industry. Next, solid gold will seize the development opportunity of pet market, increase R & D investment, innovate and launch high-quality and diversified products, and cooperate with mengpet traffic spokesperson to quickly attract the attention of Z generation, launch popular IP crossover, participate in chaopet activities, open up the marketing matrix for Z generation, and give full play to brand advantages and product strength, Promote the high quality development of China’s pet industry.



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