2021 China brand value evaluation information release China Feihe brand value 27.412 billion yuan

On the occasion of the fifth “China brand day”, a series of activities of “5.10 China brand day” were held in Shanghai.

At this year’s “China brand value evaluation conference”, the Eighth China brand value evaluation information was released. The number of brand values released on site this time was 695, and the total brand value released was 8374.6 billion yuan, of which the brand value of “China flying crane” reached 27.412 billion yuan.

 2021中国品牌价值评价信息发布 中国飞鹤品牌价值274.12亿元

Brand is not only the comprehensive embodiment of national competitiveness, but also an important resource to participate in global competition. In the face of the increasingly fierce global trade competition, speeding up brand building and building more world-famous “Chinese brands” are the key to China’s advantage in the global competition.

In recent years, the domestic infant brands represented by Feihe have made great efforts to win recognition, which is the epitome of Chinese brands gradually gaining trust and going to the world stage.

Brand building can not get around the key word of product quality. In the face of fast updating and iterative products in the market, Feihe focuses on the development of infant formula with great patience and perseverance. For many years, it has taken root in 47 north latitude ° As an industrial cluster in the world’s golden milk source, the whole process of flying crane from grass planting, cow feeding to production and processing is safe and controllable, which provides a guarantee for “fresher and more suitable” products.

At the same time, brand building also needs the solid support of scientific research. As one of the earliest enterprises in the construction of infant milk powder industry cluster in China, Feihe also led the industry to create a variety of technologies, formulas and processes to improve the adaptability of infant milk powder to Chinese baby’s physique, and carried out technical research in all links of the whole industry chain to master the password of “fresher and more suitable” of Chinese infant milk powder.

Now, Feihe has more than 150 million cans a year, which has been selected by her mother, becoming the first brand of infant milk powder in China that surpasses all foreign brands.

By the end of 2020, the overall market share of China’s Feihe will further increase to 17.2%, which means that for every six cans of infant formula sold, one can comes from Feihe. With the decline of new born population in China for three consecutive years, Feihe has still achieved excellent performance, which also represents that Feihe has been working steadily all the way and has won wide recognition from the market and consumers with its quality and strength.

Facing the new international environment, if Chinese enterprises want to “go global”, they need to polish the gold lettered signboard of “Chinese brand”. With the comprehensive blessing of product quality and R & D advantages, Feihe has also been recognized and respected all over the world. In 2019, Feihe stood out from thousands of products in many countries, won the TPM award of global manufacturing excellence award, and became one of the few infant milk powder enterprises in the world to win the award.

At the world food quality appraisal conference in 2021, the star product of Feihe, xingfeifan, won the gold medal for seven consecutive years, and zhuoran children’s formula liquid milk won the gold medal for the first time. This is not only a milestone of Feihe’s global honor, but also highlights the international influence of China’s infant milk powder brand.

For a long time, Feihe has been a phenomenon level problem breaker of domestic brands, constantly increasing against the trend, leading the resonance of the industry and showing the strength of Chinese brands to the world. In the future, we expect that Feihe will continue to consolidate the value background of the steady growth of leading brands and help Chinese brands realize the value return.



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