Meizu watch rendering exposure: netizen: Apple watch popularity

Driving China’s May 14, 2021 news, on the way of intelligent manufacturers’ cross-border wearable devices, it’s obvious that Meizu is too late. The key problem is the rumor that there is only Meizu smart watch in the world. We have never seen the release of Meizu smart watch, which not only makes people curious, does Meizu still have this idea.

This morning, the well-known news blogger @ digital chat station released the latest rendering of Meizu watch, showing the appearance design of the device in an all-round way. In response, @ digital chat station said in its microblog: “Meizu watch looks like this. The screen radian is pretty good. Flyme for watch intelligent system can download third-party apps. It has regular motion monitoring, listening to music and mobile payment. It also supports ESIM calls. Squatting a price, it is estimated that it will not be very cheap.


According to the released product rendering, we know that Meizu smart watch adopts the design structure of square dial, and the curved screen is used around the screen, so that the small smart watch can have more display area. At the same time, we also noticed that the Meizu watch is equipped with a physical button on the right side and a mic opening beside it. Combined with the ESIM call information disclosed by the blogger, we can predict that the Meizu watch should be able to be completely separated from the mobile phone.

Although we don’t know what kind of surprise Meizu smart watch will bring us at present? However, in terms of product rendering, many netizens expressed disappointment, thinking that the design of the four sides has hit Apple watch in any way, and even some netizens directly ridiculed “the popularity of Apple watch”.


However, there is also a chance to reverse. At the new product launch of Meizu 18 series, Meizu launched the flyme for watch watch system. I think it will not be suspense for Meizu smart watch to carry its own developed flyme for watch system. What’s the difference? Let’s look forward to it together.

It is understood that Meizu has previously said that the flyme for watch system will be launched on the Meizu watch in May. Now that it is more than half of May, it is believed that Meizu watch will also be launched soon.



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