Apple air pods 3 is coming! Overseas informant: expected to appear on May 18

Driving China’s news on May 14, 2021, before Apple’s spring new product launch, we had no chance to witness the arrival of airpods 3, so many people in the industry speculated that we might see Apple’s airpods 3 headphones at Apple’s autumn new product launch this year, but now it is said that we have no need to wait so long.

According to relevant reports, according to the latest news brought by overseas informants, Apple may put airpods 3 headphones directly on its official website on May 18 (next Tuesday). At first glance, it sounds incredible, but considering that since the outbreak, Apple has offered similar operations, including the iPad and other heavyweight products, and the press conference has been omitted, so from this point of view, there seems to be nothing wrong with Apple’s official announcement of airpods 3 directly on the shelves.

苹果AirPods 3要来了!海外爆料者:有望在5月18日登场

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the price of Apple’s airpods 3 has been speculated by people in the industry. It is believed that the price of this new air pods headset may be about 1500 yuan, between the air pods 2 and the air pods pro, which will make up for Apple’s product layout in the real wireless headset market.

It is an indisputable fact that although Apple has ignited the global market of real wireless headphones, with the entry of more and more manufacturers, it has launched an attack on apple in the potential, and is also eating the cake in Apple’s mouth. In terms of the current situation, it seems that apple is still leading the development of wireless headphones, but it is obviously time for apple to be vigilant, It is absolutely necessary for apple to further seize the market share of wireless headphones through relatively low prices.

It is understood that compared with the previous two generations of products, the biggest change of Apple’s airpods 3 is that in addition to the semi in ear design scheme, ANC active noise reduction function will be added, which makes us look forward to the arrival of new products.



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