International family day: how simple is the way to maintain family harmony?

“No, I forgot my key!”

“It’s useless. I can forget everything.”

This kind of small contradiction caused by forgetting the key is staged in every corner every day. Although the matter is small, when you are rejected by your own door and drag your tired body to wait for rescue in the corridor, the good mood of the day will disappear and the harmony of the family will be broken.

Although it’s small to forget the key, it seems impossible to avoid it forever. After all, “if you walk by the river, you can’t get wet shoes.”. Once it happens, it’s a small matter to break money and exchange locks. It’s a big matter to bear the family’s complaints and even have a big quarrel, which will add obstacles to life.

Home and everything. May 15 is world family day, a special holiday set by the United Nations to remind people to cherish family harmony. Every year, it reminds people all over the world that family harmony is the root of happiness. Then, how can the harmony of a family be blocked by a mere key? Is there any way to do it once and for all, so that the situation in front will never happen at home?

Don’t worry. It’s 2021. There are many solutions. For example, change the “wisdom gate”.


Xiaobai wisdom gate H1

Smart door is not as simple as changing a fingerprint lock cylinder or adding an electronic eye. It needs to become “smart” from inside to outside, from system to operation. The door Xiaobai will introduce today will refresh your imagination of smart home. It is chuangmi Xiaobai smart door H1.

Chuangmi technology is a Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise. As we all know, Xiaomi has a very strong performance in the field of smart home, and has launched many well-known highlight products. Xiaomi ecological chain enterprises have a good performance in this aspect. This smart door is a concentration of the profound accumulation of chuangmi technology.

How dare you call wisdom if it’s inconvenient?

Where is the wisdom of this door?

It is very convenient, fully taking into account the user’s various operating habits.

First of all, although it is also equipped with a key, it is rarely used. It is only prepared. After all, it has five kinds of unlocking methods: fingerprint, password, mobile phone Bluetooth, app and key. It is convenient to unlock in various ways. There is no need to worry about forgetting the key.


In addition, it uses a visual access control system, with a night vision HD camera on the outside and a 10 inch HD large screen on the inside, so that you can see the situation outside whether it is day or night. When people approach it from the house, it will automatically light up the screen and display the external picture and weather information, which is very intimate.


In addition to these intimate behaviors, Xiaobai smart door can also help the owner to complete many trivial things. With it, you don’t even have to worry about forgetting to lock the door. Xiaobai smart door will automatically lock within 5 seconds after the owner closes the door, so you don’t need other operations. If the door is not closed, I will remind you in time before you go away. Let the host never fall into the “lock the door today?” Of course, the owners will not quarrel because the other party forgot to lock the door.

It’s not safe. How dare you call the security door?

Just convenience is not enough. If you want to make the whole family feel at ease, the most important thing is safety. Xiaobai smart gate is so smart, will it discount the security performance? Chuangmi’s answer is, never.


Lock structure of Xiaobai intelligent door H1

In terms of hardware, the main body of Xiaobai smart door adopts stainless steel investment casting process. The structure of the door body imitates the cable-stayed fixed structure of the viaduct. With the built-in steel ribs and the anechoic honeycomb plate filled in the door body, the structure of the door body is firm and reliable. At the same time, the built-in intelligent chip is specially optimized for hacker attacks. The fingerprint lock cylinder adopts the Swedish FPC fingerprint sensor, which has high recognition efficiency and strong security performance. It can effectively prevent all kinds of electronic attacks, making high-tech means useless, and ensuring the security of the door from the inside to the outside.

In terms of software, the camera outside Xiaobai wisdom has a face recognition system, which can automatically identify strange and suspicious people, and send their videos to the host’s mobile phone, so that the host can keep abreast of family safety at any time. In terms of power supply, you don’t have to worry about the power problem at all. Xiaobai smart door can be directly connected to your home power without charging. There is also a large capacity backup battery in the door, which can ensure normal use even if there is a long-term power failure. In a word, Xiaobai gives people the feeling of steadfast!

Such a close and reliable smart door is the guardian of family harmony, bringing more comfort and peace of mind to the family. In such a special festival, it’s better to take it home and let it guard the peace of the home in an all-round way.



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