ThinkPad X1 carbon 2021: a product evolving from classic

ThinkPad is the witness of notebook development. Whether it’s coffee shops, buses, subways, airplanes, or offices of enterprises or streets, ThinkPads can be said to be found in almost every corner of the world. Maybe you don’t know much about this product, and you don’t know the full name and series, but you must have seen the design of “business black” and “little red dot”. Take the author as an example. A few days ago, when the new crown vaccine was inoculated, the medical staff used the same ThinkPad; Once on the way to the subway, a girl was using ThinkPad to deal with her work with the support of her suitcase

There are many ThinkPad series, and each has its own characteristics. If you choose a product to “speak for” ThinkPad, it should be ThinkPad x 1 carbon. At the end of last month, ThinkPad updated the latest x1carbon2021 model at its spring launch. Let’s take a look at the new changes brought about by the flagship product of light business.

First of all, let’s condense the main highlights of this product.

1. Classic black appearance, A-side carbon fiber material, thin 14.9mm, light about 1.1kg

2. The screen was updated to a 14 inch 16:10 screen, with narrow borders on all sides and a big chin missing

3. Standard 4G, random flow package, anytime and anywhere safe tour network

4. 57whr large battery, super long life, and support fast charging

5. Through the Intel Evo certification, dual fan cooling, detailed design surprise

1、 Classic design or familiar “taste”

I really like the saying of thinkpadx1carbon on the propaganda page that “the tide rises and falls, countless air outlets pass by, some people are following, some are following blindly, and some others are always firm in their attitude and leading the style of one day”. This sentence profoundly and thoroughly expresses the brand pursuit of thinkpadx1carbon2021, that is, “leading technology, ingenuity, quality and people-oriented”.

With the new thinkpadx1carbon2021 product, you can feel the familiar taste.

Immersed in black color, the logo of “thinkpadx1” is printed on the upper left corner, and the dot of “I” is dotted with a red light indicating the status of the computer. Strong business style!

Thinkpadx1carbon2021 fuselage adopts a new generation of aviation grade carbon fiber high-density material, with a total weight of about 1.13kg, similar to two bottles of mineral water, and a thickness of about 14.9mm.

It can be said that this kind of fuselage weight is very suitable for carrying out.

2、 See attitude for details of 16:10 narrow frame large screen

When you open ThinkPad x 1 carbon 2021 with one hand, you can see a screen with four narrow borders, which is narrower than the thickness of current smart phones.

The thinkpadx1carbon2021 I got has a resolution of 1080p. In addition, users can choose the highest 4K Ultra HD screen.

According to the test of Starscream, thinkpadx1carbon2021 also has 100% sRGB gamut, 77% P3 gamut and 1.92 gamut, which makes thinkpadx1carbon2021 have excellent picture performance ability to review posters, videos, etc. and keep consistent with professional monitors.

In this update, thinkpadx1carbon updated the original 16:9 screen ratio to 16:10. The advantage of this is that it not only increases the visual area of the screen, but also improves the efficiency of reading documents and browsing web pages.

Of course, considering that business users may stare at the laptop screen for a long time, thinkpadx1carbon is also equipped with hardware anti blue light technology to optimize the light-emitting mechanism of the screen and reduce harmful blue light. Compared with the solution of Blu ray prevention by software on the market, the effect of the screen will be more natural and the cost will be higher.

In terms of security, thinkpadx1carbon2021 not only has fingerprint recognizer, but also has IR infrared camera to support face recognition login, while thinkshutter physical camera switch design can manually block the camera when it is not needed, which shows humanization.

What’s more, thinkpadx1carbon2021 also supports HPD eye sensor, IR camera and glance software, which can intelligently recognize the user’s status, automatically lock the screen when people walk, automatically recognize the face and unlock when the cover is opened, taking into account the privacy, safety and fast use. After opening the function of “detecting blurred screen behind eyes”, we can detect the surrounding environment and blur the screen at the appropriate time to protect the privacy in an all-round way.

Consistently excellent input experience

The touch of the ThinkPad keyboard can be regarded as the existence of Fengshen in the user’s mind. ThinkPad x1carbon2021 is equipped with a full-size backlit keyboard of ThinkPad, and ThinkPad engineers have improved the key cap spacing and the area of commonly used keys, greatly improving the user’s typing feel in terms of details.

Inheriting the classic trackpoint little red riding hood design, people who have used it feel familiar with it, and people who have not used it should have heard its name. Classic three button design, people who have used it say “daily office can basically do without the mouse.”.

Users who have used 2020 products should be able to find more surprises from the C side of the notebook.

Compared with the previous design at the top of the speaker, now the layout design in the left and right position of the keyboard, equipped with Dolby panoramic sound, audio effect, surround sound is stronger.

Before the power button and fingerprint unlock “two separate”, now it has become a two in one design, so that the C surface is more neat and beautiful.

Thinkpadx1carbon2021 is not only very portable, but also has passed the rigorous quality test before leaving the factory to meet the high standard of ThinkPad brand. It has excellent stability and can be used normally in various environments, not to mention responding to our daily use or mobile office needs.

While keeping thin, thinkpadx1carbon2021 is also evolving, such as on screen, endurance and performance.

Experience guaranteed through Intel Evo certification

In terms of performance configuration, thinkpadx1carbon also keeps up with the times, upgrading 11 generations of core processors. It has excellent performance and has passed the evo platform certification of Intel. It has the characteristics of “fast”, “long” and “dazzle”. It is one of the symbols of excellent notebook.

It is equipped with 11 generations of core i5-1135g7 processor, which is comparable to the entry-level Xe graphics card, 16gb4266mhz lpddr4x memory and 512gbssd. The price of e-commerce platform is 9999 yuan. It is worth mentioning that the memory can be expanded to 32GB at most, and the hard disk can support 2tbsds at most.

In this generation of thinkpadx1carbon products, in addition to the performance upgrade, a fan design is also added to enable the notebook to have better performance release.

According to the test of pcmark10, thinkpadx1carbon2021 has a comprehensive score of 4576 points after the simulation of application startup, video conference, electronic document, photo editing and other work. It plays a very good role and has no pressure to deal with the daily work of business people.

With the increasing number of mobile office, stronger performance and lighter fuselage naturally need stronger connectivity and endurance. In thinkpadx1carbon, these requirements can also be met.

For example, thinkpadx1carbon has a built-in 4G wireless network card, which enables users to connect to the network when they start up. Users can surf the Internet anytime and anywhere without connecting to a third-party wireless network, such as subway stations and airports, making business data more secure. In addition, the purchase of this product will also give 5GB * 24 months, a total of 120GB of traffic, mobile office does not need to worry about traffic problems.

In terms of battery life, thinkpadx1carbon is upgraded to 57wh battery, which supports fast charging and long battery life. In the daily office use process, can easily use one day.

Pconline evaluation summary

After a period of use, I found the reason why thinkpadx1carbon2021 can be used as a flagship business book. That is to say, while maintaining the traditional excellent genes, we should constantly co evolve with the times. Classic appearance design, small red dot, physical camera switch, all make it have a classic flavor. 11 generations of core processor, 16:10 golden business screen ratio, four narrow borders, comprehensive information security protection and evolutionary control experience, performance, thunderbolt 4 interface, etc., make this product lead other business products in experience. If you are a user with a high demand for mobile office, it is worth trying this product.



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