Xiaomi flipbugs Pro evaluation: another masterpiece of Xiaomi in high end field

Air is the TWS series of Xiaomi earphones. At present, there are a series of products including air 2S and air 2 pro. With excellent cost performance, Xiaomi air series has also won the attention of many users, and the lower price also makes TWS earphones popular to a certain extent.

小米FlipBuds Pro评测:小米高端领域又一力作

However, with the high-end strategy of Xiaomi, it is difficult for Xiaomi air series headphones to support the layout of Xiaomi’s high-end market. Therefore, Xiaomi launched a new flagship headphone, Xiaomi flipbugs pro, to support the ambition of Xiaomi’s high-end market layout with a new product series.

Today, let’s take a look at the evaluation content of Xiaomi’s flipbugs Pro earphone. As the most high-end TWS noise reduction earphone of Xiaomi, how does Xiaomi’s flipbugs Pro perform.

Mirror light Aesthetics

From the appearance, we can see the difference between the Xiaomi flipbugs Pro earphone and other Xiaomi air series earphones. The Xiaomi flipbugs Pro adopts the mirror design, and the pebble shape brings a mellow and comfortable feel. In the charging box, Xiaomi adopts the high light nano ncvm coating process, which can improve the hardness and texture, and meet the needs of high-end users in terms of appearance.

小米FlipBuds Pro评测:小米高端领域又一力作

The charging box cover of Xiaomi flipbugs Pro can be opened with one hand, which is more convenient for daily use.

小米FlipBuds Pro评测:小米高端领域又一力作

After opening the battery cover, you can see the earphone of Xiaomi flipbugs pro. The earphone and battery box are connected by magnetic force, which can make the earphone more stable in the battery box. Even if the battery cover is opened and inverted, the earphone will not slide from the battery box, and the loss of the earphone is avoided to a certain extent.

Comfortable to wear

Comfort is also a very important index to measure TWS real wireless headphones. Recently, many headphones have exposed problems in wearing. How about the wearing feeling of Xiaomi’s flipbugs pro?

小米FlipBuds Pro评测:小米高端领域又一力作

After the actual try on, the wearing experience of Xiaomi flipbugs Pro is relatively comfortable. The pressure on the ears is not great when wearing it, and there is no pain in the ears after wearing it for 1-2 hours.

小米FlipBuds Pro评测:小米高端领域又一力作

This is because Xiaomi flipbugs Pro collected 5000 + ear data during the design, and accepted 10000 + user research. Finally, after 20 rounds of modification, the angle between the ear and the ear handle was designed to be 50 °, More ergonomic design, to meet the comfort of the vast majority of users.

小米FlipBuds Pro评测:小米高端领域又一力作

Xiaomi flipbugs Pro adopts a unique sound short circuit anti blocking design, which can conduct the front and rear cavities when wearing, reduce the inner ear pressure, so as to improve the comfort of wearing in the ear.

Xiaomi flipbugs Pro provides three sizes of silicone cover, large, medium and small. The earphone supports intelligent fit detection. Xiaoai classmate app can intelligently detect the earplug size that is more suitable for the user’s ear canal.

The best companion of Xiaomi 11 series

Xiaomi flipbugs pro, Xiaomi mobile phone and Xiaomi notebook can be opened and connected, which is very convenient.

小米FlipBuds Pro评测:小米高端领域又一力作

When the battery box cover of Xiaomi’s flipbugs Pro is opened, Xiaomi’s mobile phone will pop up a connection notification and connect with one button. After the first connection, when you open the battery cover, you can see the power of the headset and the battery cover, which can more intuitively understand the battery condition of the headset and avoid the embarrassment of the headset without power. Similarly, it is also convenient to use Xiaomi’s flipbugs pro on Xiaomi notebook.

小米FlipBuds Pro评测:小米高端领域又一力作

With the use of Xiaomi 11 pro and Xiaomi 11 ultra, you can directly set the basic functions of Xiaomi flipbugs pro in the Bluetooth connection of your mobile phone. If you want to experience more comprehensive functions, you can use it with Xiaoai’s app.

小米FlipBuds Pro评测:小米高端领域又一力作

In the Bluetooth connection of Xiaomi 11 ultra, we can view the current status of the headset and select the noise reduction mode by clicking the Xiaomi flipbugs Pro headset. Xiaomi’s flipbugs Pro supports Qualcomm aptx adaptive audio decoding, which can also bring better sound effects.

小米FlipBuds Pro评测:小米高端领域又一力作

In the setting, we can detect the fitting degree of the earplug. When the detection is selected, the earphone will play music and switch the noise reduction mode, so as to detect the fitting degree of the earphone.

Xiaomi flipbugs Pro also supports touch operation. Different functions can be realized through different touch modes. We can select the functions realized by the touch headset in the settings.

小米FlipBuds Pro评测:小米高端领域又一力作

In Xiaoai classmate app, we can see the laboratory functions of Xiaomi flipbugs pro, such as setting intelligent scenes and executing the scenes set by users through specific voice.

In addition, Xiaomi flipbugs Pro also supports Xiaoai’s voice cutting and volume adjustment.

High quality noise reduction and better sound quality

Xiaomi’s flipbugs Pro has carried out a comprehensive upgrade for the sound quality. The composite high rebound centering support design of Xiaomi’s flipbugs Pro refers to the structure of the top high-end speaker to bring better sound quality performance.

小米FlipBuds Pro评测:小米高端领域又一力作

The 11mm superlinear moving coil and LCP liquid crystal composite diaphragm are adopted in Xiaomi flipbugs pro, which makes the music delicate in high frequency, full in medium frequency and strong in low frequency, ensuring excellent sound quality from the earphone end.

Xiaomi flipbugs Pro supports aptx adaptive audio decoding. Compared with the traditional noise reduction earphone, it enables the audio signal of the mobile phone to be transmitted to the earphone almost losslessly, which makes the listening more realistic and natural, and brings the perfect sound quality comparable to that of CD.

Xiaomi flipbugs Pro supports three active noise reduction modes, including office mode, daily mode and air travel mode, and can achieve 40dB active noise reduction. Its ADI 71251 independent noise reduction new product can shield 99% of the noise in life, making users more peaceful when listening to music.

小米FlipBuds Pro评测:小米高端领域又一力作

Not only listening to music, it’s also very suitable to use Xiaomi’s flippbugs Pro as an audio device for playing games. Especially when playing shooting games, the stereo sound effect makes it easier for users to judge the position of the enemy through the sound and take the lead.

In addition to listening clearly, Xiaomi flipbugs Pro can also reduce the noise of microphone calls. It launched the flagship processor qcc5151 of Qualcomm. The three microphones on the headset can effectively separate human voice and noise, so that users can also ensure the clear recording of voice in noisy environment, and make communication more smooth.

If you need to hear the surrounding sound clearly, you can also turn on the transparent mode of Xiaomi flipbugs pro. The earphone will enhance the human voice and highlight the human voice. In this way, you can hear the surrounding sound very clearly even if you wear the earphone, and you can also communicate with the people around you if you wear the earphone.

Dual core fast charging for longer service life

When turning off noise reduction, Xiaomi flipbugs Pro can be used with the charging box for 28 hours, while turning on noise reduction for 23 hours. If the noise reduction is turned off for a single time, the endurance time can reach 7 hours, and the single endurance time when the noise reduction is turned on can also reach 5 hours, which can meet the noise reduction needs of users on the plane when they are flying.

小米FlipBuds Pro评测:小米高端领域又一力作

At the same time, Xiaomi flipbugs Pro supports the fast charging scheme of two new products, charging for 5 minutes can meet the demand of listening to songs for 2 hours, and it only takes 35 minutes to fully charge.

Xiaomi flipbugs Pro also supports Qi wireless charging. In case of emergency, you can also use the mobile phone’s wireless reverse charging function to ensure that the headset is always powered.

Sum up: the choice of 799 yuan

In terms of face value, Xiaomi’s flipbugs Pro has reached the high-end level, while in terms of sound quality, it has brought a surprise.

小米FlipBuds Pro评测:小米高端领域又一力作

Xiaomi flipbugs Pro is the first product tuned by Xiaomi golden ear team based on Xiaomi acoustic laboratory. It has not only invested the manpower and capital of Xiaomi, but also spent more than a year to build it. It has become another masterpiece of Xiaomi’s high-end flagship.

The price of Xiaomi’s flipbugs Pro is 799 yuan. In the same price range, Xiaomi’s flipbugs Pro has a strong competitiveness, especially for the users of Xiaomi’s mobile phone, Xiaomi’s flipbugs Pro is worth recommending.



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