Huawei freebugs 4 holds the banner of anti infidelity

The word “neijuan” has been selected as one of the top ten catchwords in 2020. Although it has reached 2021, its popularity is still growing, which is due to the pressure of the society, especially the youth group. In this regard, “new weekly” also launched the “anti involution youth” activity during this year’s May 4th Youth Day, hoping that young people can realize the anti involution and find a balanced state of life. Surprisingly, in the process of anti involution, headphones have become a new artifact of anti involution for young people.

拒绝内卷 华为FreeBuds 4扛起反内卷大旗

Why in the anti involution campaign, earphones have become essential equipment for many young people? Not only because the headset has become an indispensable part of young people’s daily life, but also with the upgrading of noise reduction, sound quality and other functions, consumers can create their own private space anytime and anywhere through it. We can also see how modern young people make use of earphones to create their own private space, so as to avoid being interfered by unnecessary noise in life and achieve anti involution in the anti involution youth video of new weekly. This also explains why earphones become the anti involution artifact of young people.

拒绝内卷 华为FreeBuds 4扛起反内卷大旗

Anti involution is just right

Contemporary young people are feeling “rolled in” all the time. In fact, it is also the result of being bombarded by countless information around them. The complicated noise and various voices they don’t want to hear make young people feel more easily the pressure of life.

Anti involution does not mean that we should block all the information. The lack of daily communication will also cause us new troubles. We only need to block some unnecessary sounds and create the quiet space we want, so that we can well adjust our mental state. Through just good quiet, just good comfort, let the young people’s daily life become more pleasant, let the ears and heart more peaceful and comfortable, from the inside out to achieve decompression, become a “reverse youth”.

But it’s not easy to choose a headset that can achieve anti involution: we need not only excellent noise reduction function to help us shield those unnecessary sounds, but also to create a comfortable wearing experience, so that wearing headphones becomes a kind of enjoyment. If we only talk about the noise reduction function, the noise reduction effect of many earphones on the market has been able to meet the daily use of consumers, but the wearing comfort is often unsatisfactory; At present, the comfort of semi in ear earphone is the absolute advantage of TWS earphone, but the noise reduction effect is sometimes unsatisfactory due to the airtight. Isn’t there a real wireless headset that can take both active noise reduction and comfortable wearing into consideration? Don’t say it. It’s true.

拒绝内卷 华为FreeBuds 4扛起反内卷大旗

Comfortable wear reduces the burden on ears

Although wearing comfort seems to be a very simple standard, in fact, this alone can exclude many commercially available earphone products. There are two requirements for wearing comfort, one is light weight, and the other is that wearing for a long time will not cause ear discomfort.

At present, TWS earphones on the market are mainly divided into in ear type and semi in ear type. Compared with the stuffy feeling brought by wearing in ear type earphones for a long time, semi in ear type earphones have inherent advantages in wearing comfort. Therefore, for users pursuing comfort, semi in ear type earphones may be more suitable.

In addition, in terms of design, semi in ear earphones are also very different. If you want to choose comfortable earphones, you also need more targeted design. From the video, we can see that Huawei freebuses 4 continues the semi in ear design of the previous generation of products. Compared with in ear headphones, it has won the starting line in terms of wearing comfort.

拒绝内卷 华为FreeBuds 4扛起反内卷大旗

As for the weight of the product, the weight of the mainstream TWS noise reduction earphone is about 5g. Since Huawei freebuses 4 is mainly comfortable to wear, we can only know the weight of its earphone on May 19. However, with Huawei’s years of deep cultivation in the audio field, we can’t know how many grams it will weigh, I believe Huawei engineers will be able to provide a satisfactory answer for consumers and the market.

Focus on noise reduction, let half in ear also noise reduction

Another important advantage of Huawei freebuses 4 earphone is noise reduction experience. As we can see in the video, Huawei freebuses 4 can not only help users create a quiet space, but also benefit from the design of half in ear shape. It also enables users to obtain external information in time, forming a quiet but not closed effect.

At present, noise reduction earphones mostly adopt in ear design. After the active noise reduction mode is turned on, with the passive noise reduction effect of earplugs, the external sound is often shielded without difference, which will also affect the daily communication of users. In many cases, especially in the workplace, information will be out of sync.

However, it is not so simple to achieve active noise reduction in the half in ear mode. Due to the disadvantages of semi in ear earphones in airtightness and stability, and the difficulty in noise reduction parameter design, there are few semi in ear active noise reduction earphones on sale. Among the few products, Huawei freebuses 3 is one of the best.

Throughout the audio products recently released by Huawei, noise reduction is always the core content. It includes the industry’s first intelligent dynamic noise reduction function, that is, Huawei freebuses pro, which can automatically adjust the noise reduction mode as the environment changes; More importantly, Huawei freebuses 3, released in 2019, as the world’s first semi in ear active noise reduction headset, realizes the active noise reduction function in semi in ear mode for the first time. After two years of continuous research, whether Huawei has achieved a new breakthrough in the semi in ear active noise reduction function and pushed the semi in ear active noise reduction function to a new height will be another highlight when Huawei releases freebuses 4.

拒绝内卷 华为FreeBuds 4扛起反内卷大旗

According to the content posted by Huawei terminal and Huawei He Gang on Weibo on the morning of May 14, Huawei freebuses 4 will be officially released on May 19. Among them, He Gang, President of Huawei mobile phone product line of consumer business, also confirmed the upgrade of Huawei freebuses 4 in active noise reduction and comfortable wearing on Weibo. In the warm-up Poster Released by Huawei terminal, in addition to the product name and release date, the key words of “half in the ear, but also noise reduction” are specially emphasized. It is not difficult to see that Huawei freebuses 4 is just a continuation of the design concept of Huawei freebuses 3. In the form of focusing on half in the ear, through technological innovation and algorithm upgrading, Huawei freebuses 4 is able to achieve the same goal, The semi in ear active noise reduction technology is promoted to a new height, bringing a new semi in ear active noise reduction headset experience.

拒绝内卷 华为FreeBuds 4扛起反内卷大旗

If you are facing the pressure of infidelity and are eager to carry the banner of anti infidelity youth, Huawei freebuses 4 may meet your needs. On May 19, we will lock in Huawei’s full scene smart life new product launch to show you the truth.



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