Apple’s official website in China to renovate M1 MacBook Pro price really fragrant series!

There is a renovated M1 device on Apple’s official website in China, which is M1 MacBook Pro. It’s more than 1000 yuan cheaper than the new models on sale. It’s a good choice for those who want to buy but feel expensive!

The renovated MacBook Pro is officially thoroughly inspected, tested, cleaned and repackaged, and is almost the same as the new model. It offers several different configurations, 1500 yuan to 2180 yuan cheaper than the new models. The specific price comparison is as follows:

8GB + 256gb price 8499 yuan (original price 9999 yuan)

8GB + 512gb price: 9769 yuan (original price: 11499 yuan)

16GB + 512gb price: 11049 yuan (original price: 12999 yuan)

16GB + 1TB price 12319 yuan (original price 14499 yuan).

At the same time, it can also enjoy a one-year warranty, installment payment, free delivery, 14 days return policy. In addition, if AppleCare + is used, the warranty period can be extended to three years from the date of purchase.

Author: September



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