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Awesome game player collocation such as cyberpunk 2077 is playing at 4K resolution. Players need not only a NVIDIA GeForce RTX30 series or AMD Radeon RX6000 Series graphics, but also a good 4K game display.

科技瞭望台:AGON PRO助力精彩4K游戏

Frankly speaking, playing wonderful 4K games, better graphics card, better monitor! However, there are a lot of 4K displays on the market at present, but there are only a few 4K electronic competitive displays with 144hz high brush bonus. For high-quality 4K video game display, I believe many game enthusiasts are looking forward to it.

科技瞭望台:AGON PRO助力精彩4K游戏

In this context, agon aigong, a well-known e-game display brand, will soon launch its brand new agon Pro flagship display product on May 9.

Currently known new products include ag274uxp. AOC Jingdong’s official flagship store has launched this monitor. Interested players can go ahead of time to learn about its specific parameters.

科技瞭望台:AGON PRO助力精彩4K游戏

According to the product introduction, aigong ag274uxp has nine main selling points, including 27 inch 4K resolution, 144hz refresh rate, 25 point Bu calibration, hdr600 technology, nano IPS fast LCD panel, 102% dci-p3 gamut, full blood hdmi2.1 interface, amd synchronization technology and 1.07 billion color number. It has to be said that aigong ag274uxp is indeed a feverish configuration.

Among these 9 selling points, nano IPS fast LCD panel, factory color correction 25 point Bu calibration, full blood version hdmi2.1 interface are very attractive to the author. Next, I would like to share my own views on these three aspects.

科技瞭望台:AGON PRO助力精彩4K游戏

First of all, I now use the display based on nano IPS fast LCD panel. My own experience is that this kind of panel is very eye-catching. Nano IPS panel can be regarded as an upgraded product of IPS panel. It uses new nano particles on the LED backlight module of the screen, which can absorb excessive light waves, improve the intensity and purity of the display light output, and the color accuracy of the screen. In the end, it can not only improve the color restoration, but also improve the contrast, so as to achieve better image quality.

Last year, aigong used 2K level nano IPS panel in high-end products. This year, the resolution is further improved, and 4K level nano IPS panel is used. At present, 4K games will be popular for a long time, so for game enthusiasts, it is not a problem to start a high-quality 4K video game monitor for five or eight years, and it is worth reaching the designated position in one step!

科技瞭望台:AGON PRO助力精彩4K游戏

Secondly, the video game display can be added to the factory color comparison, which is a great progress. In the past, people had the impression that only professional level photo editing display would add factory color comparison link. Now, the color accuracy of aigong’s flagship display is on the same level as that of the professional photography display, which can undoubtedly bring more realistic game image quality to the players.

In fact, color correction is a profound knowledge. Low end display color calibration is of little significance. No matter how to calibrate the low gamut screen, it can not meet the professional needs. The agon Pro Series display has excellent quality. Users can use the color calibrator in their hands to conduct regular color calibration after they buy it, so as to maintain excellent color accuracy.

科技瞭望台:AGON PRO助力精彩4K游戏

Finally, full blood hdmi2.1 interface. Although this is only a small interface, whether 4K resolution + high refresh rate can be achieved or not depends on its function.

At present, geforce RTX 30 series graphics cards are fully equipped with HDMI 2.1 interface, which can support 4K and 120Hz output. HDMI 2.1 increases the total bandwidth from 18 gigabits / sec to 48 gigabits / sec, and adds support for high dynamic range (HDR), higher contrast bright images and brighter colors, as well as better shadows and highlights.

Well, this time, the author is here to analyze agon Pro flagship products in advance. If you want to know more about agon Pro flagship products, you must remember to watch agon fans day and agon Pro flagship product launch on May 9! Agon Sina official micro has live broadcast.

Author: Zhang Fan



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