Suppress generation 11 i9? No problem at all, Hangjia MVP Poseidon X360 evaluation

As we all know, Intel’s latest 11th generation core i9 is very powerful. However, due to the limitation of 14nm process, it is accompanied by higher power consumption and heat. Many radiator manufacturers seem to have heard about this. Shortly after the 11th generation core processor was launched, they also launched their own 360 specification AIO products. Hangjia, as a major mechanical and electrical manufacturer in China, naturally will not miss this opportunity to show muscle and launch its own Hangjia MVP Poseidon X360.


As Hangjia’s first integrated water-cooled radiator, Hangjia MVP Poseidon is positioned as an entry-level water-cooled product, providing 240mm (x240) and 360mm (X360) two different specifications of cold exhaust products for your choice. Of course, if you want to start with 11 generations of core products, Hangjia MVP Poseidon X360 is indispensable.

At the same time, even if it is an entry-level integrated water-cooled radiator, it still brings the ARGB Shenguang synchronous lamp effect for all netizens. The water-cooled head and three 12cm fans are ARGB products, which can be combined with the RGB control software on the main board to create different personalized lamp effects.

The back is the detailed specifications and parameters of Hangjia MVP Poseidon X360. Before purchasing, check whether the chassis supports this aio360 product, or choose Hangjia MVP Apollo chassis to use. In particular, some netizens want to build a small steel gun, pay attention to the height of the cold head, and the size of the cold row.

The internal protection is also quite good. The customized eggshell paper is used for protection, and the transparent plastic bag is also used for protection, which can avoid crushing during express delivery and surface friction.

Hangjia MVP Poseidon X360 comes with three 12cm RGB fans. According to the official parameters of Hangjia, the speed range of the fan is 1000-2000rpm, the maximum air volume is 71cfm, the maximum air pressure is 1.7mh2o, and the maximum noise is only 32dba. It is a hydraulic bearing fan with low noise, high speed and long service life.

In addition, the independent 3pin design of the fan belt can be directly connected with the ARGB interface on the motherboard by using the attached adapter line, so that the motherboard control software can control the ARGB LED light on the fan.

In order to control the noise of the fan and the resonance problem caused by the three fans, the four corners on both sides of the fan are separately equipped with rubber pads.

The fastener delivered by Hangjia MVP Poseidon X360 supports the mainstream installation of Intel and AMD slots. In the future installation test, we will take the Intel ga1200 platform as an example.

For cost control, Hangjia MVP Poseidon X360 water-cooled exhaust adopts all aluminum alloy design, so the weight of the whole cold exhaust is not too heavy.

The interior is designed with 12 groups of micro waterways. The compact fins are V-shaped, with larger heat dissipation area and higher heat conversion rate.

In order to avoid winding and cracking of water cooling pipe, Hangjia MVP Poseidon X360 cold pipe is equipped with polymer water cooling pipe and woven mesh cover. At the same time, the industrial sealing process is adopted at the interface, which can reduce the probability of liquid leakage and evaporation of water cooling liquid.

The official also reserved the filling position of water-cooling liquid, but it is a pity that anti tearing paper has been pasted to avoid leakage of water-cooling liquid caused by users’ private filling.

Positioning entry-level products does not mean that the details of water cooling are poor. Hangjia MVP Poseidon X360 details are well handled, and the connection position between cold head and water cooling pipe is fairly well handled.

The top of the cold head is a translucent acrylic plate with mirror design, and the interior is equipped with RGB lamp of mvplan. Different lighting effects can be adjusted according to the control software of the main board.

The appearance design of the water cooling head is cylindrical, with regular curved surface texture design on the peripheral side, which is similar to golf.

The bottom of the cold head is a large area of pure steel bottom design. After fine grinding process, the bottom is relatively flat and can fully fit the CPU surface.

Installation example of Intel platform

Before installation, you can read the water cooling installation manual given by Hangjia. Here we take the Intel platform as an example to show the simple installation of Hangjia MVP Poseidon X360.

First, install the corresponding fastener of Intel directly on the water cooling head (AMD is the same), and then put the base of Intel fastener on the mounting hole of the motherboard.

Screw on four bottom mounting screws again, so that the main board and fastener bottom can be fixed.

With the fastener that we have installed on the water cooling head earlier, the water cooling head can be installed by directly tightening the screw.

When installing, pay attention to the order of 1324, which can make the gap between the cold head and CPU thinner and more uniform.

After installing the water cooling head, the effect is pretty good.

The mvplan logo on the top of the cold head can adjust the lighting effect according to the RGB control software of the main board, and the default is RGB cycle mode.

Similarly, the three fans are also equipped with RGB light effect control. When the fan speed is 2000 rpm, the noise control is better.

Take the i9-11900k single baked FPU for temperature test. After the temperature limit of the motherboard is turned on, the heat output of i9 is controlled. CPU power consumption has come to 200W. Hangjia MVP Poseidon X360 has suppressed i9-11900k to 75 degrees. This kind of temperature control is excellent, far superior to other aio360 products at the same price.

We then use the thermal imager to monitor the temperature of the water cooling head. At this time, when it is the same as the FPU toaster, the hottest part is the VRM part of the motherboard. Due to the large cold head area of Hangjia MVP Poseidon X360 and excellent micro channel control, the temperature of the whole cold head is at a lower temperature.

Conclusion: Although Hangjia MVP Poseidon X360 is an entry-level integrated water-cooled radiator product, it has excellent performance in heat dissipation and noise control. It can be said that it is one of the most excellent radiators in comprehensive performance at the same price. If you are going to buy the 11th generation i9 products, you can consider the high cost performance aio360 water cooling products.

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