Huamao will stop attracting investment on May 25

Beijing business daily (reporter Zhao Shuping intern reporter Zhao Dan) May 16th, Beijing Business Daily reporter from Moutai time and space official account that from May 25th onwards, Huamao will stop investment. In the next step, Huamao will focus on brand building, consumer cultivation, cultural promotion, business promotion and charity.

Zhang Wu, chairman of Beijing Huaxia National Liquor Sales Co., Ltd., said that the main reasons for Huamao’s suspension of investment promotion were limited by production capacity, base liquor, packaging materials and other factors. Next, Huamao private feast will be launched all over the country, striving to build Huamao private feast into the classic IP of Chinese wine marketing.

Beijing business daily learned that up to now, the channel layout of Huamao liquor has been completed, with 5 provincial distributors, 99 regional distributors, 170 special distributors and 517 key display stores, and a preliminary nationwide channel network has been established.

It is understood that since its launch in 2019, Huamao has continued to launch in 38 airports and four major aviation magazines including Air China, China Eastern, China Southern and Hainan Airlines. In the past year, 20 large-scale theme activities were held, 239 activities of different scales were sponsored, and more than 30000 people participated in the appraisal.

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