Industry chain speed up ice breaking, 8K TV era is coming

Beijing business daily (reporter Shi Feiyue) the promotion of 5g business is speeding up the ultra high definition video to ordinary people’s homes. At the same time, the combination and exploration of the industrial chain are also accelerating. On May 16, at the 23rd China International Photographic machinery and imaging equipment and Technology Expo held in Beijing, Canon and Hisense showed the 8K imaging solutions that are being jointly promoted.

Industry observer Xu Yiqiang said that the cooperation between canon and Hisense around 8K is actually an important step to open up the 8K industry chain. Canon has the advantage of video recording, while Hisense has the advantage of large screen display. The cooperation between them has opened up the integration ability of 8K from content production to display, which helps to promote the market popularization of 8K TV.

“Judging from the current cooperation between the two sides, there are both hardware cooperation and 8K image quality display technology cooperation, and the final cooperation should be a package around the 8K image scheme. Including 8K live broadcast, production and broadcast, etc., until the full access. ” Xu Yiqiang said.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is also being used as a major source of 4K. With the popularity of the resolution, the entire display industry is pushing forward the development of 8K. 8K will be launched in major events such as the Olympic Games and the European Cup. Although the new crown pneumonia epidemic has delayed the event, the outbreak of 8K has been irresistible.

At the 2021 world ultra high definition video (4K / 8K) industry development conference just held, Beijing business daily learned that in 2020, China’s 4K ultra high definition TV market has accounted for more than 70%. Among them, the penetration rate of 4K ultra high definition TV above 55 inches is 99%, which indicates that 4K / 8K will be the general trend in the future color TV market.

The 8K TV products, which are more high-end and high-definition, finally made new progress last year. According to the statistics of Ovi cloud, the domestic 8K TV shipment will reach 60000 sets in 2020, with a year-on-year growth of 264%, and a doubling growth of nearly 2.6 times compared with that in 2019.

Since 2020, almost all the mainstream brands are adding new products of 8K TV, including Sony, Samsung, Hisense and other mainstream brands are pushing 8K TV one after another, so as to drive 8K TV to really start to “rise”. In 2021, this trend is also accelerating.

Beijing Business Daily reporter found that there are many 8K TV brands in the market at present. They have their own advantages in the quality of sound and picture, content resources, intelligent experience and so on. Domestically, Hisense, Changhong and other brands have deployed in the 8K market earlier. At present, its 8K products are generally positioned as flagship models, with excellent overall design, image quality and experience, and good market feedback.

For a long time, expensive prices, network transmission problems and lack of content have been the most intractable problems affecting the 8K TV market. Now these bottlenecks are gradually breaking.

According to statistics, the price of 8K TV will continue to drop in 2020, and the average price has dropped from 48000 yuan in 2019 to 30000 yuan in 2020. Many TV brands have launched 8K TV of about 10000 yuan.

In addition to the price, 8K TV has gradually broken the ice in network transmission and content, and the industry chain is becoming more and more mature. And various TV manufacturers are constantly introducing iterative innovative technology to make up for the short board of 8K TV content output. For example, Samsung provides solutions for 8K content output conversion through AI technology; Sony strengthens the picture optimization application in HD large screen products through the new XR cognitive chip.

The relevant person in charge of Hisense introduced to Beijing Business Daily that the third-generation 8K super-resolution technology independently developed by Hisense can realize three-level optimization from low image quality film source to 2K, 4K and 8K image quality. At the same time, the scene model can be built in real time through antagonistic AI technology to compensate for the details of objects not photographed by the device.

Zhang Li, President of China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, believes that the 8K era is expected to come ahead of time. At present, the links of technical products including 8K acquisition, coding and broadcasting equipment, encoding and decoding, bearer network and 8K terminal have been basically opened, and the demonstrative 8K home access will soon be realized.

“The cooperation between Hisense and Canon provides a good idea for Chinese enterprises to popularize and apply on 8K TV, that is, to open up and integrate the resources of powerful enterprises, rather than completely self researching like Sony, so as to quickly open up the industrial chain and drive the upgrading of market and consumption. This will also give Changhong, Konka, Skyworth and other TV manufacturers some thinking and reference. ” Xu Yiqiang said.

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