100 million yuan round B financing completed

Beijing business daily (reporter Qian Yu Baiyang) on May 17, it was reported that the chain brand of dried spicy bittern “chrysanthemum Kailu flavor” announced the completion of round B financing. This round of financing is led by all kinds of capital, followed by Zhongyuan capital, Buhuo venture capital and Qianshi venture capital, with an investment amount of 100 million yuan. Previously, Juhua kailuwei has completed the angel round and a round financing of Buhuo venture capital investment in 2020. In less than a year, Juhua kailuwei has successfully completed three rounds of financing.

It is reported that the positioning of chrysanthemum stewed products is to accompany cooked food, and the main product is “hand shredded rattan pepper chicken”, which is a large and fast growing family table stewed chain brand in Central China.

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