The concept Pavilion of original women’s clothing brands landed in Hangzhou, working with senior designers to create new fashion for women’s clothing

A few years ago, “original designer brand” seems to be exclusive to the fashion circle, but in recent years, the word has become more and more active in front of the public. Recently, earlist start x, an original designer brand with a repurchase rate as high as 70%, announced a brand new upgrade and joined hands with senior designer Nino to create a new fashion of live broadcast.

Since the beginning of this year, it has been quite active in the women’s fashion circle. It is reported that the brand concept pavilion was built in Hangzhou at the end of April this year, and the brand has successfully settled in tmall. We strive to narrow the distance between consumers and brands in an all-round manner, and spread the core concept of brand and product value through new media promotion, consumer word-of-mouth communication, various types of advertising and other diversified forms.


According to public information, the brand was established in Hong Kong in 2017 and entered the mainland last year, aiming to help every woman boldly show her more beautiful self. Many consumers think that the clothes designed by the brand are comfortable and durable, which is a luxury product “growing on the current young women’s aesthetic”.

With the creativity of “the most unknown, simple and pure”, we choose materials from the source, so that everything can be seen and touched, such as the softness of silk, the waxiness of cashmere and the roughness of flax. The founder of the brand said that he hoped that every inch of tenderness felt by customers’ fingertips would make their daily life full of energy.

Senior designer Nino has been invited to the company. Nino’s design concept is to seek the only standard answer for women’s clothing, that is, to show the charm of each person who wears it, such as publicity, self-reliance, independence or introverted elegance. “Life is a complex story that changes constantly, and the design of the company is committed to accompany every” she “bit by bit.”. Therefore, Nino combines traditional technology with innovative design to show the beauty of ethereal and minimalist as much as possible.


According to the founder of the brand, this time we will join hands with Nino to create a new fashion of live broadcasting. We will not only increase publicity in the most popular live broadcasting field, but also believe that under the double collision of brand concept and design aesthetics, we will leave a rich and colorful touch in today’s fashion stage. In addition, the brand logo of the company will be upgraded.

Nino revealed that the ultimate goal of the brand is to build the brand into a “personal Wardrobe” for Chinese women, with full marks in terms of pricing, channel, promotion and brand positioning. Next, we will strengthen investment in online channel construction and actively expand the scale of entities.



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