Graphics card prices fall, it’s time to start a game console

Time has come to the middle of May, the players finally ushered in a number of good news game graphics card prices fall. First of all, the central bank’s liquidity control policies on BTC, Eth and other blockchain tokens have reduced the popularity of blockchain tokens. In addition, NVIDIA finally decided to launch LHR (low hash efficiency) version of the ampere architecture graphics card to the market, shielding the computing power of the graphics card blockchain from the hardware layer. In addition, the special miner for eth’s high energy consumption ratio has been developed, It can also reduce the demand of blockchain token for game graphics card to a certain extent.

In the face of the decline in the price of graphics cards, the game players who have been waiting for high-performance graphics cards for a long time have finally ushered in their spring. After all, in this period of short supply of graphics cards, there are still “biochemical crisis 8” and other 3A blockbusters on sale, making many players itch. While the price of graphics card is falling, it’s better to buy a high-performance game console for yourself. In the coming hot summer, you can enjoy the comfortable life of blowing air conditioner, drinking cold drinks and playing games. Let me recommend four cost-effective and high-quality mainframes. Let’s have a look.

Model 1: upgraded ares 10 i7 mainframe

Since it’s about playing games, high performance is indispensable. The first console, the Ares 10 i7 console, is a high-performance game console of middle and high end. In terms of CPU, the host is equipped with the 10th generation core i7-10700. This processor adopts CML architecture and has the flagship specification of 8 cores and 16 threads. The highest core frequency can reach 4.8ghz. Compared with the previous generation i7-9700, its performance is improved by about 45%. No matter how high-standard processor you need to edit video, edit pictures and other high-performance needs, or 3A game masterpiece, or need to respond quickly to the electronic sports game console, you can do it easily. In terms of graphics card, it is equipped with NVIDIA geforcertx2060 ray tracing graphics card. It has a variety of subversive new technologies such as real-time ray tracing. It can help you play large-scale games easily and experience the real game picture of light and shadow.

In other aspects, climbing ares i7 adopts 16GB ddr43000mhz high-frequency memory module. It doesn’t have to make do with it. It is supplemented by 500GB high-speed SSD solid-state drive, which can not only bring you fast storage experience, but also allow you to play various large games with super capacity. With the advanced 240 integrated water cooling system, the main engine can not only easily reduce the overall temperature of the main engine, but also maintain its combat effectiveness for a long time. It also has a colorful RGB front panel, which can switch multiple modes at will, and is compatible with the electronic competition style chassis of the main engine, In appearance, it can absolutely satisfy your electronic competition heart.

With rtx2060 ray tracing game graphics card and 16GB high-frequency memory module, the 10th generation core i7-10700 is a classic high-end game console. It can not only take all 1080p resolution high-quality games, but also have 2K game power. And the price is very favorable, absolutely is the best choice for this period of graphics card price reduction.

Model 2: climbing ares water cooling cooling mainframe

If the first recommended host makes you very excited, but its cost-effective price still makes you feel a little expensive, then the second host is definitely your best choice. The recommended second host is the climbing ares water cooling and cooling host. The host is only different from the recommended first host in terms of processor configuration. The host is equipped with the 10th generation i5-10400f processor, adopts CML architecture, has 6 cores and 12 threads, and the Rui frequency can reach 4.3ghz. If you don’t have high performance requirements in productivity, So this processor can absolutely meet the performance requirements of playing games.

In the aspect of graphics card, the climbing ares water cooling host is equipped with rtx2060 ray tracing graphics card. This key to help you get to the door of ray tracing can give you the opportunity to experience the extraordinary charm of ray tracing, and let the new technologies such as RTX ray tracing and DLSS that you have long coveted be displayed on the host. In terms of storage, climbing ares water cooling host is equipped with 16GB dual channel ddr43000mhz high-frequency memory and 500GB SSD fast solid-state hard disk, which makes you play in one step and no longer wait. In addition, the host is also equipped with water cooling, which can keep high-performance output for a long time and bid farewell to high-temperature frequency reduction.

The 10th generation core i5-10400f and rtx2060 ray tracing graphics card adopted by climbing ares water cooling host are a classic mid-range game host, which can be broadcast smoothly when running “survival of the Jedi”. It is absolutely the best choice for you to play games.

Model 3: climbing G1 shadow blade 10th generation core i5 host

If you are a student party and the funds available for purchasing computers are relatively limited, then this G1 shadow blade 10 generation core i5 host is very suitable for you. The host uses the 10th generation i5-10400f processor, which is a familiar CPU with 6 cores and 12 threads. The main frequency can reach 2.9ghz, and the Rui frequency can reach 4.3ghz. Compared with the previous generation i5-9400f, the performance is improved by 50%, and the number of threads is directly doubled. When dealing with multi-threaded tasks, it can bring the performance improvement visible to the naked eye.

In terms of graphics card, the core i5 host of the 10th generation of climbing G1 edge adopts NVIDIA force gtx1050ti4ggdr5 game graphics card, which adopts NVIDIA Pascal architecture, and can smoothly run various office, professional software and 3a game masterpieces. When it actually runs the game, it can reach the fluency level of 65fps in Jedi survival and 170fps in league of heroes. With the 16GB dual channel DDR4 memory and 5000gb high-speed SSD solid-state drive on the host computer, it can bring you a fast experience of power on, software on and game loading, so that you can say goodbye to the waiting for disk reading.

Climbing G1 shadow blade generation 10 core i5 is a game console that focuses on the ultimate cost performance. With the performance of i5-10400f + gtx1050ti, it can let you enjoy all kinds of popular 3A masterpieces. Moreover, with strict quality assurance, it is absolutely the first choice of students’ Party Games.

Model 4: climbing ares II and 10th generation i5 mainframe

Many players for the game console, the pursuit of processing performance, in the appearance also has a critical aesthetic needs, and climbing ares II generation 10 generation i5 host is that can meet your dual needs of performance and aesthetic high-energy game console. The mainframe adopts the cabinet appearance full of future sci-fi feeling, and is committed to creating the visual aesthetics of the mainframe. Its multi faceted water chestnut cabinet design is matched with the embedded electric light belt, which is cool but not pompous, supplemented by panoramic side view, full of special effects!

In terms of configuration, climbing ares II and 10th generation i5 host is equipped with 10th generation i5-10400f processor, 6 cores and 12 threads, and Rui frequency is as high as 4.3ghz, which is far superior to i7-9700 in performance. Moreover, the host adopts 240 integrated water-cooled radiator, which can not only greatly reduce the CPU temperature, but also keep the CPU low noise and high performance throughout the whole process, so that it can have both coldness and silence. In terms of graphics card, the host is equipped with nvidiaceforce gtx1660super6g game graphics card, which greatly improves the performance of gtx1660 by 20%, and allows you to enjoy the 3A games and electronic games on the market. With 16gbddr43200mhz high-frequency memory and 500GB fast SSD solid-state disk, the reading speed is about 5 times faster than that of traditional computer, faster and larger capacity, fierce game, no need to wait!

Climbing ares II-10 i5 is a well-balanced medium and high-end game console. Its i5-10400f and gtx1660super can not only let you enjoy the 3A games in the market, but also let you face the high-performance work such as video editing without waiting. It can be said that the second and tenth generation of Ares i5 host is the best choice for your office games.

The four game consoles recommended above are all middle and high-end game consoles. They are all mainstream in today’s console market. They can run without pressure in the face of the current or upcoming 3A game blockbusters. In this period when the price of graphics card is falling, as you long for the game console, it’s better to start a climbing game console and start your happy game journey in the hot summer! If you want to know more about climbing game console, you can go to climbing Jingdong flagship store for more details.

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