“Crossing the line of fire HD” officially launched in June: image quality greatly improved, video card recommended 1060 started

Players who deeply love FPS shooting games will still remember the fun of shooting in the Internet bar with their friends in “crossing the line of fire”. With a sentence of “the dream of gun battle with 300 million Mouse”, CF is popular all over the country. There is also a very important reason: it doesn’t need very high configuration requirements to run CF, and dual core processor and core display start-up configuration, At that time, only an ordinary computer was needed to get a smooth game experience.

However, this advantage has gradually become a disadvantage that hinders CF from attracting new players. With the continuous improvement of the game image quality engine, CF, which has been launched for 14 years, has fallen behind the mainstream FPS games in terms of game image quality. It is difficult to attract new FPS players.

To this end, Tencent announced at the recent game conference that the “HD remake” of “crossing the line of fire” – crossing the line of fire HD, will be officially opened in June this year.

It is reported that the new “crossing the line of fire HD” is built with three illusory engines. The screen resolution reaches 1080p, and the number of model faces is also increased to more than 30000. It also introduces dynamic game scenes, adds changes in weather and environment, and destructible scene layout, as well as new elements such as comprehensive reproduction of character models, new characters, new maps, and new playing methods, and upgrades in many aspects, Affected the feelings of many old CF players, booking heat has reached more than five million.

With the improvement of the image quality, the configuration requirements of the new “crossing the line of fire HD” are naturally improved. According to the configuration requirements given on the official website, at least three generations of I3 can be run with gtx660, while the recommended configuration requirements are still relatively high. The i5-7600k is required to be equipped with gtx1060 or gtx970, which greatly improves the pit configuration, From the previous entry-level dual core + core display configuration requirements, it has become necessary to have a “bright card” level of independent display.

After 14 years of popularity, “through the fire line” has finally ushered in a major change. At present, because of the rising price of graphics cards, players have changed their machine cards one after another. Due to the higher configuration requirements of “through the fire line HD”, the entry threshold is quite low. It is not a big problem to run smoothly. The current market price of the entry configuration gtx660 is about 350 yuan, If you want a better picture quality, gtx750ti is also a good choice. A bright card can let you relive your childhood memories and get back the fun of shooting in the green years. Why not?

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