Microsoft is digging again? Microsoft win10 cloud computing service exposed

[pconline] according to the report of windows lastest, Microsoft seems to be carrying out a new project “cloud computer”, which may eventually provide “computer on the cloud” service. The service is based on win10, built on the windows virtual desktop, and can provide win10 remote desktop connection. Users can access the cloud computer anywhere.

Microsoft’s cloud computing service is exposed through recruitment information. In a large number of job lists, Microsoft describes cloud computing as a strategic experience that will provide a “modern, resilient and cloud based” experience. Unlike other services, cloud computing ensures security and keeps up-to-date, but it’s not a free service – at least according to information released so far, it’s not free. According to some leaked documents, Microsoft will also provide several different “service plans” for cloud computers.

It is reported that Microsoft’s new cloud computing service will be available to interested users this summer. Before the release, Microsoft has shown some related features of the service in the support page of its official website. A support page called “Microsoft graph cloud PC” was launched in April and became the focus of attention in the early days.

Support documents confirm that the cloud computer will use Microsoft graphics technology, which is consistent with the content of recruitment information and other documents. Microsoft has created a new support page to answer technical questions about the cloud API in Microsoft graphics technology.

It is reported that Microsoft graphics API is mainly used by Microsoft and developers to connect services to office, windows and other products. In projects such as cloud computing, Microsoft graphics integration is particularly important. It is based on the cloud and can be used as a part of Microsoft’s cross platform products.

Unlike the traditional remote desktop experience, cloud computing will bring win10 desktop to the cloud, and the service will be directly managed by Microsoft. Microsoft will provide operating systems and applications in the cloud, and will be responsible for regular windows updates.

As mentioned above, cloud computing is a paid service, and Microsoft will provide different service plans to match different prices. For example, users can choose a moderate, severe, or even advanced configuration. Moderate configuration will provide 4GB ram, heavy configuration will provide 8GB ram and at least dual core vcpu, both of which will have 96gb SSD. Users can upgrade to advanced configuration to get the right to use 8GB ram and 3-core vcpu.

Author: Aimo



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