Printing also has this skill! The operation of Excel and word printing form

[pconline skills] as a person in the workplace, you have to print all kinds of documents every day. There is a problem that may have bothered you for a long time. This is how to print super long forms. For example, when a table needs more than N pages, how to make the header appear on each page?

1、 Excel does this

Excel is realized by “print title” in “page layout”

1. Open excel table and click “page layout” → “print title”;

2. Click the arrow button on the right side of the “top title line”, then put the mouse to the left side of the header line, and select the header to repeat;

3. Return to the dialog box and click “print preview”, then the header will appear in each page;

Note: in addition to the repeated printing of the top header, the left column can also be set as multi page printing (only effective when the number of printing columns exceeds the paper range), which is a unique function in Excel.

2、 Word does this

The operation of word is also simple

1. Open word and create a table sample;

2. Select the header row, right-click to enter the table properties, and check “row” → “repeat in the form of Title row at the top of each page”;

3. After confirmation, word will automatically insert the header at the beginning of each page. Moreover, these “headers” are automatically synchronized. If you modify the first item, the rest will be automatically modified.

Like excel, the header of word is not limited to single line. If your table is more complex, just select all the header rows and repeat the above steps to achieve the repeated printing of multi row header.

Write at the end

Multi page header printing seems simple, but it has incomparable practical value. Especially in some report documents, it can obviously improve the order of the table. Well, these are two sets of tips to share with you in this issue. Are they very practical!

Author: Xuan dad in kindergarten



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