Many kinds of food are shortlisted in the 2021 final of wood food awards, keep leading the new trend of healthy diet

Recently, wood food awards 2021 global innovative food evaluation competition announced the shortlist of the final, and many kinds of foods including high protein and high fiber dark chocolate, golden soup beef konjac powder and so on were shortlisted in the final food group.

Wood food awards 2021 global innovative food evaluation competition officially opened at the end of 2020. WFA convened dozens of experts and scholars in product development and market research in the industry to evaluate and comment on products from an all-round perspective, deeply explore the innovation of each product, and provide a competitive platform for innovators in the food and beverage industry.

WFA competition has been held until the fourth, this year a total of 370 + groups of products to participate in this new feast. Compared with last year, the number of entries increased by 89%. In addition to the professional evaluation of experts in the industry, this year’s competition will also directly face consumers and accept the assessment of the market. At present, after the fierce competition in the preliminaries, wood food awards 2021 has entered the final and consumer voting stage.

Sports light food and functional light food are popular

This time, keep was shortlisted in the WFA 2021 global innovative food evaluation competition, including high protein and high fiber dark chocolate, high protein black crisp ball, golden soup beef konjac powder, and L-carnitine sports nutrition drink.

Accordingly, the judges of the competition mainly covered the dimensions of consumer communication, innovative ideas and sensory evaluation, including product packaging, information transmission, ingredient list and nutritional composition list. In terms of sensory evaluation, the judges mainly judged from color, smell, taste, aftertaste and overall feeling.

Take the shortlisted keep high protein and high fiber dark chocolate as an example, the front icon of the chocolate package clearly identifies the product value points “high protein”, “no sucrose addition”, “high dietary fiber”, and marks 7g protein / box to highlight its high protein characteristics. The overall design is simple and powerful, with strong visual impact and high sense of quality, which has become an important element to attract young consumers.

In addition to attracting consumers for the first time through packaging design, whether the food can continue to attract users to purchase is the sharp weapon for it to occupy the market for a long time. Compared with ordinary chocolate, keep black chocolate has zero sucrose, high protein and high fiber, eliminating the unpleasant feeling of sour and bitter aftertaste, astringency and unsmooth. In addition, single independent packaging is also very “intimate” to prevent users from greedy.

Similarly, another shortlisted product, Jintang Feiniu konjac powder, precisely captures the needs of fitness users and solves their pain point of “resisting too much food temptation in order not to gain weight”. As we all know, it is difficult to have both delicious food and low calorie food since ancient times. Most sports and fitness users rely on perseverance to control their diet, especially hot and sour powder, snail powder, which are staple foods with high oil and high carbon water. And keep for this pain point, with konjac powder instead of sweet potato powder, reduce carbon, water and heat, and then hot and sour soup as the base, make a hot and sour soup fat cattle konjac powder. A whole box of konjac flour has a total of 150 calories, which perfectly solves the contradictory demand of fitness users for “both delicious and beautiful”. At the same time, the characteristics of instant eating in 3 seconds also make this konjac flour a good choice for ordinary users.

Provide one stop solution around “eating, wearing and practicing”

At the beginning of its launch, keep was widely loved by users as a mobile fitness app. Facing the diverse needs of users in fitness, keep began to lay out consumer goods and gradually moved closer to the user’s life scene.

Different from the traditional sports brand expansion from the sports scene, keep consumer products take the user as the center and the consumption scene as the radius, planning the product categories that users really need in the sports life of “eating, wearing, using and practicing”, and improving the user’s sports experience by providing professional, easy-to-use and cost-effective products. From the “same type of course” sports auxiliary small equipment and clothing, to the intelligent sports equipment that can fully connect with the course, content and data, and then to delicious and low calorie health food, keep gradually uses the product to unlock the sports scene and serve the user’s sports life.

The launch of sports food not only meets the needs of sports fitness users for special diet, but also coincides with the rise of young consumer groups and the trend of “light food style” which is linked with the concepts of health and vegetarianism. With the post-90s and post-00s becoming the mainstream of consumption, and the rise of healthy lifestyle, keep food has quickly gained market popularity and revitalized the light food industry.

At the beginning of this year, keep announced the completion of round f us dollar financing, further stabilizing its position as a unicorn company in the industry. Keep said that it should focus on family scenes, be a new generation of sports brand, and provide users with complete sports solutions based on their needs of “eating, wearing and practicing”. In fact, as a new generation of sports brand, keep has always focused on improving the user’s sports experience, from sports fitness content tools, to the sports ecology of technology interconnection, and then to the return to family fitness service solutions.



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