Nikon products won the “2021 if product design award” of Industrial Design Forum in Hanover, Germany

Nikon announced that its products D6, z7 Ⅱ, Z6 Ⅱ and mb-n11 battery boxes won the “2021 if product design award”“ “If product design award” was founded by International Forum Design GmbH in 1953, including product design award, communication design award, packaging design award and other awards. This year, the Association selected nearly 10000 entries from 52 countries and regions around the world“

尼康产品荣获德国汉诺威工业设计论坛“2021 iF产品设计奖”

2021 if product design award

尼康产品荣获德国汉诺威工业设计论坛“2021 iF产品设计奖”

D6 full frame digital SLR camera

尼康产品荣获德国汉诺威工业设计论坛“2021 iF产品设计奖”

Z 7 Ⅱ and Z 6 Ⅱ full frame digital micro single camera and mb-n11 battery case (attached to Z 7 Ⅱ in the figure)

Author: Shen Pei



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