How about the Philips curler? What’s the price of the Philips curler

Philips is a world-renowned multinational electronic brand, founded in 1891, under the Royal Philips company of the Netherlands. Philips has many products, one of which is curly hair stick. What about the Philips curler? Today, pchouse will answer for you one by one.

1、 How about the Philips curler

Philips Electronics is one of the largest electronic brands in the world, ranking first in Europe. In the field of color TV, lighting, electric razor, medical diagnostic imaging and patient monitoring equipment, as well as single-chip TV products, it is a world leader. The curl stick is the product of Philips China. It is made up of international standard model: 19mm. 25mm. 32mm. 38mm. At present, the mainstream hairstyle is 32mm! Divided into heating body. Handle. Power cord. Temperature control system and other components! The one that can adjust the temperature is better than the one that can’t! The curling stick can make all kinds of curls, such as big wave curls, drooping natural curls, shoulder curls, broken curls, ear of wheat perm, inverted curls and everted curls.

For example, Philips bhb868 and Philips curling stick are in hand. They are exquisite in design and production, and are worth the money. 8 adjustable temperature control knob, easy to adjust the temperature suitable for your hair quality, avoid hair damage. There is also a key lock function, which can avoid accidentally touching the key to change the temperature. There is a power switch beside the temperature regulating knob, which is convenient to turn off the power.

What’s more, this Philips curling stick also has keratin coating. Keratin is the ingredient that makes your hair more tough, healthy and full of luster. The rich keratin on the ceramic coating can take more care of your hair.

2、 What’s the price of Philips curl stick

The price of Philips curling stick is between a few hundred yuan. For example, the price of Philips bhh811 is ¥ 339 with sufficient power and long service life; The price of Philips hp8316 / 05 is ¥ 259; The price of Philips hp8602 / 00 is ¥ 118, etc., which is relatively close to the people.

It can be seen that Philips is an international well-known brand. Curly hair sticks follow the characteristics of its brand quality and high cost performance, with various styles and changeable prices. People can choose according to their actual needs and preferences, and only the most suitable one is the best.

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