Hisense touch on May 20: Wang Bowen and Li geyang invite you to witness

Hisense touch, the world’s first music reader, will be shocked on May 20. Wang Bowen, the official tweeter of Hisense touch, is specially invited to meet you with a larger vision, read other people’s stories and read your own life with Li geyang, the official tweeter of Hisense touch!

海信TOUCH 5月20日震撼来袭 音阅星推官王博文、李歌洋邀你共同见证

Hisense touch music reader is the first product of Hisense’s new eye protection reading product line after the world’s first 5g reading mobile phone A7. Focusing on high-quality reading and extreme music experience, it will bring subversive eye protection reading and immersion music experience, and comprehensively upgrade in design, interaction and continuation, opening a new era of immersion reading!

海信TOUCH 5月20日震撼来袭 音阅星推官王博文、李歌洋邀你共同见证

In the warm-up, the official suggested that Hisense touch will add the function of adapting to the changes of ambient light and color temperature, and enjoy the reading experience of no blue light and all-weather comfortable eye protection. In addition, it will cooperate with top acoustic manufacturers to carry the ultimate hifi and shock sound field, bringing both internal and external high fidelity sound quality, which is more pleasant to the ear and heart.

海信TOUCH 5月20日震撼来袭 音阅星推官王博文、李歌洋邀你共同见证

As a brand-new product form, Hisense touch will also bring a very delicate and light touch. The extremely narrow frame design of right angle middle frame, as well as the “touch” logo and loudspeakers with ultra-high recognition, show that Hisense touch will bring a tension rich design and unique details polishing.

Hisense touch will be officially launched at 7:00 p.m. on May 20. The new product pre-sale will be started at 8:00 p.m. on the day of the press conference. The new product booking activity of Hisense mobile Jingdong self operated flagship store will be started at 0:00 p.m. on June 1. For more details, visit Hisense’s Jingdong flagship store.



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