Beijing Telecom completes the communication guarantee task of the two sessions

Beijing business daily (reporter Shi Feiyue) on the afternoon of March 11, the two sessions of the National People’s Congress of the people’s Republic of China (NPC) came to a successful end, and China Telecom Beijing company (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Telecom”) successfully completed the task of comprehensive guarantee of the two sessions of the people’s Congress of the people’s Republic of China (NPC) by virtue of its 5g cloud service with “large bandwidth, high speed and low delay” and all-weather online customer service.

It is reported that in order to protect the network of the two sessions, Beijing Telecom has formulated a detailed security plan and emergency plan two months in advance, and adjusted and optimized them at any time. In the preparatory stage, it comprehensively combed the network equipment such as optical fiber and base station in the key areas of the two sessions, completed the optimization test of the resident network in accordance with the strictest security work standards, and implemented the optimization of the core network nodes, equipment and base stations Three dimensional investigation.

In response to the “special” live demand of the press conference of the two sessions, Beijing Telecom has opened the optical fiber multi routing transmission link to ensure the multi-channel hot switching of interactive video transmission in the whole process, simulate the conference scene, and prepare for many drills.

During the meeting, Beijing Telecom continued to optimize 5g network signals in key areas, implemented expansion of key base stations, and provided 5g emergency communication support. On the one hand, it not only implements the whole process of “point-to-point” on duty for the nodes, emergency stations, users and surrounding sites, but also conducts 15 maintenance inspections for pipelines and optical cables every day. In addition, Beijing Telecom also mobilized the communication support vehicle for 7 * 24-hour standby, ready to respond to sudden network conditions.

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