What’s the right thing to do in the “secrets of Taurus” of tmall Creation Camp?

In recent years, the consumption upgrading momentum is booming, and one brand after another is gratifying on the new consumption track. For example, Li Ziqi, ramen Shuo, Zhong Xuegao and three and a half meals who were selected into the new brand creation camp in the last tmall “sharing global food feast”. The “global food feast” of tmall food industry business conference opened in Shanghai on May 7. The new brand “secrets of Taurus”, which is selected as the new brand creation camp, can become the next pioneer brand with sales exceeding 100 million? Let’s uncover the secret together!


1. Upgrade consumption, grasp snack outlet

According to the report on the development of snack industry under the background of consumption upgrading, the total annual output value of China’s snack industry will reach 2215.64 billion yuan in 2019. According to the report data released by the Ministry of Commerce, the snack industry will expand rapidly, and the total output value of China’s snack industry will reach nearly 3 trillion yuan in 2020.

With the growth of the snack industry, there are more and more new consumer brands. They pay attention to the opportunities of this industry and enter the track“ As one of them, Taurus’s secret is located in the beef food industry. With higher quality requirements and younger packaging design, it can grasp the beef snack outlet in time and compete for a broad snack market.

2. As a synonym of category, it opens the era of “original cutting” in the field of beef snacks.

“Taurus secret” is also very strict on the choice of meat, products are based on the origin of imported cattle, whole cut into. More than 100 times of blending and taste test, strict production ratio technology, guarantee the taste control of products, with “health and delicious” to obtain a deep market foundation and customer’s high recognition.

Take the “Taurus secret” cold food series as an example, the imported Angus millet with tender and fat meat is selected. It is made by cutting the whole part of Angus millet, which is easier to be imported without filling teeth. Such a delicate cold beef was once recommended by the 2021 international flavor appreciation Institute, which is known as the Oscar in the food industry.


3. Lay out the future and innovate the increment

“The secret of Taurus” has always been “high standard, high quality” as the primary meaning of the product“ Taurus’s secret is “intensive cultivation, focusing on beef related matters. The former Michelin chef carries out product development and quality control. This rigorous and even harsh quality control attitude is exactly the strength to support the brand height.

It is reported that the brand developed product “original cut beef slices” has been strongly recognized by Weiya’s team. According to @ thought focus report, Weiya tries about 50 products every night on average, and the final selection rate is less than 10%. The selection process is quite strict.


If you can stand out in the competition, I believe that the quality, reputation and taste are outstanding“ The secret of Taurus “aims at sustainable development, develops more series of beef products in the future, takes” innovation “as the starting point, and constantly improves its core competitiveness, so as to obtain continuous increment and become the benchmark of beef industry.



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