Huawei releases freebuses 4 true wireless headset, semi open noise reduction

On May 19, at Huawei’s full scene Smart Life Conference held today, Huawei released its new half in ear noise reduction headset freebuses 4.

华为发布FreeBuds 4 真无线耳机,半开放式降噪

It is reported that this freebuses 4 headset is a semi open noise reduction wireless headset with a single ear weight of 4.1G. This headset has a single battery life of 4 hours and a battery life of 2.5 hours after charging for 15 minutes; With the charging box, it can support 22 hours of battery life, and the charging bin also supports wireless charging.

华为发布FreeBuds 4 真无线耳机,半开放式降噪

It is reported that this headset is equipped with Huawei’s latest semi developed active noise reduction 2.0 technology and the first semi open adaptive technology (AEM). The noise reduction depth is 25dB, which can match the optimized noise reduction effect of the ear canal and realize adaptive adjustment of noise reduction parameters.

华为发布FreeBuds 4 真无线耳机,半开放式降噪

Author: Chen Zihong



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