Ag274uxp, the flagship product of agon pro, is on sale

If you want to equip Kahuang rtx3090 or the upcoming rtx3080ti with an excellent 4K game monitor, you may as well pay attention to the newly launched agon Pro flagship product ag274uxp. It integrates agon’s current top display technologies. It not only has 4K resolution, but also has 144hz high refresh rate, 1ms fast response, dci-p3 wide gamut coverage, hdr600 technology, adaptive sync technology, full blood hdmi2.1 interface, professional light shield and so on. At present, this flagship display has been put on the shelves of AOC Jingdong official flagship store, and the reference price is 8999 yuan.

卡皇好搭档 AGON PRO旗舰产品AG274UXP开售

Agon Pro flagship product ag274uxp uses a high-end nano IPS panel, which is also the key to the excellent image quality of this display. For the nano IPS panel, people can see it as an upgraded product of IPS panel. It uses new nano particles on the LED backlight module of the screen, which can absorb excessive light waves, improve the intensity and purity of the display light output, and the color accuracy of the screen. In the end, it can not only improve the color restoration, but also improve the contrast, so as to achieve better picture quality.

This flagship display has 4K resolution, 144hz high refresh rate and full blood version of HDMI 2.1 interface. When used with cahuang rtx3090, it can output 4K and 120Hz game image quality. At the same time, this flagship display supports 1ms fast response and adaptive sync technology, which can effectively eliminate the image tearing and ensure the perfect presentation of wonderful image quality.

卡皇好搭档 AGON PRO旗舰产品AG274UXP开售

According to the official introduction, ag274uxp, the flagship product of agon pro, also has a gamut performance comparable to that of professional photo editing display, with a gamut of 102% dci-p3. At the same time, the monitor has passed the strict factory color calibration and 25 point Bu calibration. In the past, people had the impression that only professional level photo editing display would add factory color comparison link. Now, the color accuracy of agon’s flagship display is on the same level as that of professional photography display, which can undoubtedly bring players more realistic game image quality.

In order to further present a better picture quality, the flagship product ag274uxp of agon Pro is specially equipped with a light shield which is only possessed by professional photo editing display. The inner surface of the hood is made of high-quality extinction flannelette, which can effectively reduce the reflection of the screen light source. At the same time, a skylight is designed on the top of the hood to install a professional color calibrator.

卡皇好搭档 AGON PRO旗舰产品AG274UXP开售

It can be said that ag274uxp, the flagship product of agon pro, is a game display that keeps improving. With so many extreme configurations, it is only to bring the players the top game image quality. Pursuit of the ultimate 4K game image quality, this flagship new product really can not be missed!

Author: Zhang Fan



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