Can the “520” file of 8 movies be permanent

The arrival of “520” has not only attracted businessmen from all fields, but also become a hot spot in the film market. According to the professional edition of cat’s eye, a total of eight movies are planned to be launched into “520” at this stage, not only love movies, action movies, biographies, etc., but also other types of movies, making the “520” in 2021 extremely crowded. At the same time, it also makes the industry curious. The “520” has just emerged in recent years, Can it become a normal hot spot like “New Year’s festival” and “Spring Festival”?

Crowded schedule

Since May Day, 520 has become a new hot spot in the film market, and has been favored by many films.

According to the professional edition of cat’s eye, as of the press release of Beijing business daily, a total of 8 films have been identified as “520” files, including love movies such as “I want us to be together”, movies of series “speed and passion 9”, as well as remakes such as “love letter” and “scorching sun”. Compared with only 3 films selected to be released from May 20 to 21 in 2019, this is particularly lively.

It is worth noting that, compared with other schedules, “520” has been relatively low-key and mediocre before, but the release of “super time and space cohabitation” in 2018 and the box office exceeding 100 million yuan per day on May 20 of that year make people see the space of “520” and attract the attention of practitioners, trying to dig gold in this new schedule.

With the release of many films, the popularity of “520” has increased again, and many films have been locked by the audience. Statistics show that as of 19:00 on May 19, the number of people who want to see “speed and passion 9” has reached 1.23 million, ranking the first among all the released films in “520”, and the total box office of click and pre-sale has also reached 100 million yuan. Meanwhile, “I want us together” and “love letter” have 396000 and 142000 people who want to read them, ranking second and third respectively.

Liu He, a film critic, said that this year’s May 20 and 21 are respectively Thursday and Friday, which are closer to the weekend. Combined with the special meaning of “520”, it is expected that many audiences will choose to watch movies during this period, so as to promote the popularity of the schedule.

High fever and hesitation coexist

This time, the popularity of “520” is obvious to all, but under the high heat, can “520” really rise? There are still some doubts about this in the industry, which can be seen from the phenomenon that many films are transferred after being fixed.

Take the film “a little bit moved” as an example. The film initially published a poster and announced that it would be released on May 20. However, on the poster released on May 13 on the official microblog of the film, the release date changed to June 4. A series of roadshows after that also said that it would be released on June 4, thus withdrawing from the “520” file.

In addition to “a little bit moved”, the film “deep love” also chose to withdraw from the “520” file, and announced on May 17 that the film would choose the Chinese Valentine’s day and officially meet with the audience on August 13.

Director Huang Zhiyong believes that many films choose to withdraw from the “520” file because of the structure of all the films released in the schedule. “It can be found that” speed and passion 9 “appeared in the schedule, and this series of films once won a high box office in China, especially the cumulative box Office of the last” speed and passion 8 “exceeded 2 billion yuan, Therefore, new films are also regarded as having high box office potential. In order to avoid greater competition, some films will reconsider the schedule to choose a more suitable time for their release. “.

In addition, in Liu He’s opinion, although “520” stalls are popular, they are not mature compared with other stalls. Therefore, some practitioners are relatively cautious and choose to observe again to judge how much market space “520” stalls can produce and how much box office potential they have.

Size up the situation and find space

Since the beginning of this year, the film market has achieved record breaking box office results in many periods. Can the “520” file also achieve the box office scale expected by the industry“ Can the “520” file be normalized in the future and become a new hot time in the film market?

“Judging from the box office situation of each schedule since this year, there is a possibility to achieve a higher box office, but there is still uncertainty about whether ‘520’ can directly become a new hot schedule.” Huang Zhiyong said that the appearance of the schedule is mostly due to holidays or specific days, creating a lot of film viewing opportunities and demand. However, in recent years, if there is not enough high-quality content as support, even if it comes to an exhibition schedule, the box office will not be optimistic.

In the view of industry insiders, although the appearance of the schedule plays a certain role in driving the box office, it is not the schedule that determines the box office. The key is still the film works, which use the content to support the market and attract the audience to watch the film offline.

From the “520” fixed file film, the film’s eye-catching power has also formed obvious differences, in the head of the film to win more box office at the same time, other film space is relatively limited. In this regard, Liu he said that the film can use the schedule to help increase its own advantages, but it can not all rely on the schedule. It is reasonable to judge according to the actual situation. Whether the “520” file can become a continuous hot schedule also needs works to empower the schedule and drive each other to explore new development space.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Zheng Rui

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