Huawei route H6 released

On May 19, Huawei released its new router, Huawei route H6. The newly released router is full of weight, has multiple features, and can easily solve the problem of Wi Fi coverage for large households. What are the specific highlights? Friends may have a look~

The furthest distance in the world is that I’m at this end of the house and you’re at the other end of the house. My signal is sometimes absent, but your signal is always full. I believe that you are often at home in a place where the Wi Fi signal is very weak (I envy your big business). In view of this, Huawei has made the first key design of Huawei routing H6 for users – the whole house wi-fi6+

Huawei routing H6 parent route can drag up to 6 sub routes to achieve wider coverage, and both parent route and sub route support gigabit network ports. The broadband of less than 1000 gigabytes is sent to each node at high speed and lossless, and then converted into Wi Fi “external playback”.

At the same time, Huawei routing H6 also has the same characteristics as AX3 – 160MHz bandwidth, dynamic narrow bandwidth technology application, which can greatly improve the ability of the router.

On the other hand, I believe that many (large families) have more or less used routers with mesh networking, but the experience may not be so good. For example, when switching signals, video may get stuck, and network voice with friends may interrupt the call.

Based on this, Huawei routing H6 has obtained this “capability” – Huawei Hongmeng mesh+

Huawei Hongmeng mesh + can achieve seamless switching in the mobile process of networking devices such as mobile phones. In short, if you are watching live broadcast, playing games and so on, you will not get stuck or interrupted. Isn’t it nice!

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Huawei routing H6 is also a router that is always on-line. It has two intelligent designs:

1. Distributed intelligent acceleration

2. Children’s online protection

In our actual use of the network, people may be downloading software, some playing games, some watching videos, and the consequence of seizing network resources is: the game fluctuates greatly, and the video is stuck loading buffer. How to solve this problem? This will use the distributed intelligent acceleration function!

Huawei routing H6 can identify games and applications through higame2.0 service identification module, and carry out real-time service priority scheduling, so that such packets can be forwarded first. So as to ensure that the game / online class / online office / live experience is smoother and not stuck even if there are multiple people online at the same time.

In the face of the problem that children can’t control their online time, there are also smart solutions

HUAWEI routing H6 can make time / payment for children’s equipment (WeChat, Alipay, HUAWEI wallet) / game / video / social restriction, plan children’s Internet time reasonably, effectively prevent children from indulging in games, videos and various social APP, and intercept bad websites such as pornography, violence, lottery and so on, and protect children’s healthy Internet access.

Of course, Huawei has also designed a good way for parents to cultivate their children’s online habits

1. Let parents control children’s play time accurately

2. Through the report of children’s online behavior, the details of four kinds of children’s online behavior were timely learned

3. Parents can reward and share in time (such as children’s good performance, reward children’s online time) to help children develop good online habits.

After the reasonable arrangement of children’s Internet time more worry.

Why is my net not working well today? Isn’t it someone else’s intrusion into Wi Fi? Does this kind of question always happen? Don’t worry, Huawei route H6 specially guarantees the security of users, including:

Anti brute force cracking: prevent bad software from frequently testing Wi Fi password. Within 5 minutes, the malicious attack device will be identified in real time and automatically blocked, and its access will be prohibited in the next period of time

2. Anti rubbing network: enter the password, and access to the Internet only with the authorization of the host

3. Anti peeping: (1) restrict the upload behavior of the camera; (2) trust the device setting function (for the protection of LAN devices). The trusted device can view the camera real-time monitoring in the LAN, and the non trusted device’s access to the camera will be intercepted and recorded.

4. Support the latest Wi Fi security standard WPA3.

With these four security guarantees, I believe you can feel more at ease when using Wi Fi

In addition to the above functions, Huawei routing H6 is also a “hide and seek” expert. I believe that friends who come to your home will not find the location of the router – because it is as simple as a patch board on the wall

Unlike other routers, Huawei route H6 attracts people’s attention by its exaggerated appearance. On the contrary, the standard 86 panel size, wall mounted design, thickness no more than 30mm, no additional power supply, no wire exposed….. It can be said that Huawei route H6 is very low-key, and easy to operate. Users can download Huawei Smart Life app, and the interface is clear and easy to understand, Easy to achieve one-stop management of home routing and Huawei hilink smart home devices.

These are the highlights of Huawei’s H6 routing design. I believe my friends, like me, can’t wait to take them home to fill the house with Wi Fi signals!



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