Super play shadow Knight engine opens a new era of h45 game

After the lifting of the ban on the 11th generation Intel Core H series processors on May 11, a large number of new games with 11th generation core were released one after another. Acer is the first big company to sell 11 generations of core h45 processor game books. The first price of shadow Knight engine is only 8499 yuan, with built-in i7-11800h eight core processor and rtx3060 independent graphics card.

The new 11th generation Intel Core H series processor carried by shadow Knight engine. According to the information, the 11th generation Intel Core Processor high performance mobile (h45) adopts a new CPU architecture, with up to 8 cores / 16 threads. Multi core Rui frequency up to 5GHz, about 21% of the game performance.

Moreover, it is equipped with 20 channels of the 4th generation of PCI EE, which perfectly adapts to the market’s new high-end graphics card and pcie4.0 SSD, so that the game has shorter latency and higher bandwidth. In addition, with the super large L3 cache upgrade and new architecture, the multi-core performance of the new 11th generation of Intel Core H series processors has increased by 19% compared with the previous generation products.

Compared with the previous generation products, the new 11th generation Intel Core H series processor is far ahead in performance, which also makes shadow Knight engine have a solid performance foundation.

In terms of graphics card, shadow Knight engine is equipped with NVIDIA Ge force rtx30 Series graphics card, which supports up to 32GB 3200mhz DDR4 memory and up to 6tb (three hard disk bits) storage space, so that the cost performance of this mainstream price game book is directly increased.

At the same time of powerful performance, the new shadow Knight engine selects a 144hz refresh rate screen, which has 3MS ultimate response speed, 72% NTSC color gamut and 300nit brightness (and according to the latest news, we know that shadow Knight engine will launch 2.5k and 165ghz versions in the future). At the same time, the new shadow Knight engine is also equipped with Intel ® Killer ™ Wi-fi6e network card. Smooth game experience + smooth cool game screen has become the most practical selling point of the new shadow Knight engine.

At present, the new shadow Knight engine has been officially put on sale in Jingdong flagship store, including:

The i7-11800h16g512gssdrtx3060144hz high gamut screen costs 8199 yuan;

The i5-11400h16g512gssdrtx3060144hz high gamut screen costs 7499 yuan;

I5-11400h16g512gssdrtx3050ti144hz high gamut screen is sold for 6499 yuan;

I5-11400h8g512gssdgtx1650144hz high gamut screen costs 5699 yuan.

Besides, Acer has also prepared other exquisite gifts for consumers participating in the pre-sale. Friends who are considering starting game books recently should not miss them.



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