Huawei ecological blessing of the smart door lock, this is the correct opening posture

With the rapid development of technology and intelligence, we are more and more used to and enjoy the convenience and comfort brought by the development. The world is still making progress, and the speed is astonishing. Those new technologies that were once unidentified and amazing have already entered the homes of ordinary people. In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet of things industry, consumers’ demand for smart home products is more and more intense. In the field of smart home, Huawei has also timely built the smart home ecological brand of Huawei Zhixuan, aiming at bringing consumers high-quality product experience, and launched smart products such as toothbrush, desk lamp, camera, etc., which are popular with consumers.

Among them, the smart door lock, as the first smart home we contact at home, is particularly important. Weizhixuan · deshmann intelligent door lock Pro is a fully automatic high-tech door lock launched by Huawei Zhixuan and deshmann. In addition to fingerprint recognition function, it also has infrared dual camera face recognition function. With the help of Huawei hilink software, it optimizes the application experience of various scenes.

Infrared dual camera face recognition blessing, open the door can be so easy

Have you ever met such troubles: if you forget your key when you go out, you can’t do anything when you go home. If you are single and stay at home, you even have to call a locksmith; Obsessive compulsive disorder attack, often doubt whether they lock the door; When carrying things with both hands, when opening the door, take out the trouser pockets alternately with both hands; When taking baby, both hands can’t leave baby. Is it troublesome to open the door?

How to solve the above problems? The answer is “smart door lock”. If you install Huawei smart select · deshmann smart door lock pro in your home, the difficulties just now will become “so easy”. This is because Huawei smart select · deshmann smart door lock Pro has infrared dual camera face recognition function. As long as you are close to the door lock, you can wake up the face recognition function of the door lock. Whether you are carrying things in your hands, or you have beautified your makeup, or you are wearing glasses, you can recognize accurately.

Huawei Zhixuan · deshmann intelligent door lock Pro adopts infrared dual camera face recognition technology + artificial intelligence. It has passed the certification of the Internet of things attack and Defense Laboratory of the Ministry of industry and information technology. As long as you are between 130-200cm tall and stand 0.4-1m away from the door, you can accurately recognize it, and the accuracy rate is as high as 98%. It has the function of infrared night vision, which can ensure that the unlocking will not be affected in the process of recognition, no matter in the light or in the weak light environment. And your face information is stored in the lock local, not uploaded to the cloud, effectively prevent face information leakage.

It can be said that the infrared dual camera face recognition of Huawei Zhixuan · deshman intelligent door lock Pro basically solves the problem of daily unlocking, and provides fingerprint identification unlocking, password unlocking, key unlocking and other ways, so that consumers can choose the appropriate unlocking method according to their habits.

Family smart scene linkage, unlock more intelligent lifestyle

For Huawei smart ecological products, consumers can download Huawei Smart Life app to carry out personalized customized management of products, set linkage scenarios, and create their own smart home life.

After using Huawei Smart Life app to add Huawei smart select deshmann smart door lock pro, the door lock can directly connect to the cloud through WiFi, push the family’s door opening information in real time, easily know the family’s home situation, and the data is encrypted and transmitted, which is safe and reliable. Huawei Smart Life app not only has remote intelligent control and remote unlocking, but also can check the status of the door lock in real time. It will also take the initiative to OTA upgrade, and can enjoy the latest application functions of the intelligent door lock without changing the lock.

Of course, in addition to the door lock, there are other Huawei products in your home, such as Zhixuan ceiling lamp, Zhixuan sweeper, etc. you can use Huawei Smart Life app to set various application scenarios for the door lock, such as home mode and home mode. For example, you can set such a home mode: open the door, turn on the ceiling light in the living room, open the curtains in the living room slowly, Huawei AI speaker will automatically voice welcome, and the smart screen will also turn on, so as to let go of fatigue and enjoy the current smart life. After leaving home, turn off the intelligent door lock, turn off the lights automatically, and turn on the intelligent camera in the room. At this time, the intelligent sweeper can automatically move and help you clean. The intelligent life is to let you enjoy and protect your life.

The reason why Huawei chose deshmann as a part of the smart home ecosystem is that deshmann has always been in a leading position in the smart lock industry, and is one of the main units to formulate the highest standards for electronic anti-theft locks of the Ministry of public security. With 13 years of technological exploration, after opening up the market, it has become a benchmark enterprise in the industry. Both Huawei and deshmann are powerful groups in their respective fields, Now, the combination of the strong and the strong will surely further promote the development of the intelligent door lock industry. As a sincere work launched by deshmann and Huawei Zhixuan brand, Huawei Zhixuan · deshmann intelligent door lock Pro is generous, practical and more high-end, bringing you into the intelligent life and experiencing the convenient and practical experience of science and technology.



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