Meizu has entered the field of intelligent ecology. See you tomorrow!

At the beginning of the year, Meizu launched a new smart home brand, lipro, which officially entered the field of smart home and released several health lighting products. This also means that Meizu has begun to build an intelligent ecosystem. At the launch of the 18 series of new machines, Meizu announced the release of its first smart watch in May.

On May 18, Meizu accessories official micro blog officially changed its name to “Meizu Zhixiang life”, and released a new micro blog: “Hello, let’s get to know each other again, I’m @ Meizu Zhixiang life. In the future, Meizu ecological products will meet you here. ” And with a formal online poster.

From the words and pictures, we can find that Meizu implies that its ecological products will be built around the four aspects of wearing, acoustics, life and accessories, and strive to bring us more intelligent ecological products.

At the same time, Meizu smart watch, which left a lot of suspense at the 18 series press conference, began to warm up its products. At 10 a.m. on May 18, Meizu smart Watch released its first microblog “……” and then updated it every hour. Meizu Smart Life official micro blog also interacted under the relevant microblog, It seems that the first product of Meizu ecology will be intelligent wearable products.

One day later, the official micro blog of Meizu Zhixiang life released the warm-up poster of Meizu watch, “watch pigeon goes to open the door, pigeon has already flown, watch is coming, see you at 10:00 tomorrow.”, This means that Meizu will bring the news of Meizu watch at 10 o’clock on the day of “520”.

Recently, Meizu’s actions are frequent. Meizu’s smart life and smart watch have had many warm-up interactions on Weibo, which may imply that Meizu will have a “big action” in the field of intelligent ecology. People are looking forward to a series of new intelligent ecological products released by Meizu. What kind of surprise can Meizu bring us? Let’s wait for tomorrow’s product release!

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