“Watch the vanguard” delay reduced, NVIDIA reflex ready to go

In February this year, Rainbow Six siege players can try nvidiareflex on the public test suit. Today, the overtwatch PTR also supports reflex, and the overtwatch players can experience the delay reduction technology. Nvidiareflex can reduce the system delay and further improve the competitiveness of players. Just turn on nvidiareflex in the game settings, the player can capture the target faster, react faster and improve the aiming accuracy.

When you turn on reflex in overwatch, the delay of the game system can be reduced by up to 50%. Tests show that it may be the best game to combine with NVIDIA reflex so far.

“Watchman” geforce player aiming accuracy improved

In all sports, the right equipment can help players to achieve their full potential. Competitive games are no exception. Better GPU, display and peripherals can instantly improve the aiming accuracy, which may bring a world of difference between winning and losing games.

“Overwatch” players with geforce gtx900 series and higher GPU can experience NVIDIA reflex before the game is officially released. Just download the latest NVIDIA gameready driver, enter the overtwatch PTR public test suit, open the display options menu, and turn on NVIDIA reflex low latency technology.

Therefore, no matter what kind of hero, skill or weapon is used, it is very important for overwatch players to reduce system delay. With nvidiareflex, the system delay is significantly reduced, making it easier for players to lock in enemies, and PC response speed is faster.

Overwatch also has a delay detection flash indicator. If the system is equipped with a new reflex latency analyzer compatible display and geforce experience, you can know the accurate system delay each time by turning on the flash indicator and positioning the monitoring rectangle on the indicator.

NVIDIA reflex ready to go

Game developers are massively adopting NVIDIA reflex: seven of the ten most popular shooting games have adopted the technology and achieved great success. Now, the UE4 mainline also supports reflex, which makes it easier for developers to introduce this revolutionary technology into the game.



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