Dark matter satellite “Wukong” released the third batch of scientific achievements, making China one of the world’s top space high-energy particle detection




On May 19, the China dark matter satellite project team released the third batch of scientific research achievements of the “Wukong” dark matter particle detection satellite. Using the “golden eye” of the “Wukong” spacecraft, researchers have obtained the latest results of accurate energy spectrum measurement of cosmic ray helium nucleus. This discovery may indicate the existence of an unknown cosmic ray source.

This time, based on the on orbit observation data of the satellite in the first four and a half years, the international cooperation group of “Wukong” has obtained the accurate energy spectrum measurement results of the helium nucleus of cosmic ray in the energy range of 70 GeV to 80 TEV.

This is also the third time that “Wukong” has released an important scientific achievement after accurately measuring the electron energy spectrum and drawing the energy spectrum of high-energy proton cosmic ray, marking that China has ranked in the forefront of the world in the detection of high-energy particles in space.

Wukong is the first astronomical satellite launched by China. It was launched on December 17, 2015. It was originally planned to run for three years in the sky. At present, “Wukong” has entered the second stage of life extension. Compared with other similar detection equipment in the world, “Wukong” has wide energy range, accurate energy measurement and strong particle identification, and is in the forefront of the world in the observation of high-energy positron and positron and nuclide cosmic rays.

With the further accumulation of data and in-depth analysis, “Wukong” is expected to make more important achievements and contribute to the mystery of the origin and acceleration of high-energy cosmic rays.

The research results were published in the authoritative journal of physics “Physical Review Letters” on the 18th.

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