Red all night? Why did Sangu, which was founded in 2018, become a black horse

With the rapid development of economy, the improvement of people’s living standards and the continuous upgrading of national consumption, various industries and markets have stimulated great potential, people’s self-awareness has increased, and the personal care industry has shown the trend of competing for the best. In 2018, Sangu entered the market. Under the guidance of scientific personal care positioning with both aesthetics and efficacy, the products are outstanding and the brand image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

It is reported that the Sangu brand originated from the bathroom inspiration, the “bath” word split, the brand named Sangu. Bathing is an indispensable part of our daily life, and the bathroom is the space we use every day. With the increasing demand for beauty, daily cleaning as a basic cleaning project also carries more significance and sense of life ceremony.

For a long time, Sangu has been focusing on customizing scientific care solutions for different skin and hair types, creating hair and body cleaning care and styling products with both beauty and efficacy. From hair to body, a full range of scientific customization not only breaks the boundaries of product use scenarios, but also creates fresh sensory interaction, creating “bath aesthetics”.

It can be said that the combination of brand concept and consumer demand is the key for Sangu to stand out from many new brands. In recent years, people pay more attention to the ingredients of washing and care products, and pursue more health. Soap based ingredients are rejected by more and more people. The main amino acid composition of Sangu has led to a new trend of healthier washing and care. At the same time, the younger consumer groups make the packaging design become one of the concerns of consumers. Sangu adopts macarone color system on the appearance packaging, and embellishes it with pearly texture, which is very eye-catching. Among them, Sangu avocado moistening and repairing set group has just won the international top “German if design award”. In addition, the integration of fragrance care elements, different from the original market common care products, single flavor, Sangu provides consumers with more innovative choices, to meet the higher needs of consumers’ life quality and emotional synaesthesia.

With the rapid development of online economy, in just a few years since its birth, Sangu has won many outstanding achievements, including No.1 in xiaohongshu shampoo and care category in 2018, top 3 in tmall 618 shampoo and care category in 2019, and top 10 in double 11 beauty hair care brand. In 2020, Sangu has successfully become top 1 in double 11 beauty hair care brand. Every high-quality product, every excellent achievement, is the crystallization of adhering to its brand concept. It is believed that in the future development, Sangu will still be based on the original intention of “scientific personal care with both aesthetics and efficacy” to bring more high-quality personal care products to consumers.



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