Sunflower moisturizing sunscreen cream, natural essence, natural sunscreen.

In the hot summer, delicate skin is also undergoing the test of intense heat. The temperature of the explosion table, ultra-high ultraviolet rays, all the time on the skin “torture”, light red burst pox, serious lead to the state of early aging and other problems. Therefore, skin care in summer is very important, but it is far more than sunscreen. Choose the right sunscreen products to get twice the result with half the effort. Among them, typholi moisturizing and radiant sunscreen stands out among a large number of products for its mild ingredients and all-round anti ultraviolet effect, and gains recognition and favor from the market and consumers.


High temperature in summer will accelerate the secretion of sweat glands. Therefore, in addition to sunscreen, cleaning and moisturizing become particularly necessary. With the combination of sunscreen and daily care, typholi moisturizing sunscreen protects skin from the stimulation of ultraviolet rays. Seven kinds of tea, including Pueraria, mulberry, persimmon, cinnamon, mugwort, chrysanthemum and green tea, were selected. They were carefully blended by 60 ℃ low temperature ultrasonic extraction technology, supplemented with aloe extract to keep the skin moist. Centella asiatica extract can soothe and calm the skin, making the skin healthy and transparent, naturally mild and non irritating.

Therefore, compared with the heavy feeling and irritation of sunscreen, the high moisture protection of sun cream SPF50+ PA++++ is perfect against UV while it can achieve the essence of refreshing essence. Even when long time outdoor exposure requires multilayer coating, it is completely free from stress. This way of natural plant essence is like putting on a comfortable “clothes” for skin, which can be used by men, women, old and young. With its good reputation and consumer feedback, xiangpuli moisturizing sunscreen has won the Korean brand award of Chinese consumers for two consecutive years.


The continuous improvement in product building comes from the corporate culture and philosophy that xiangpuli has always adhered to. To become the most trusted, respected and loved enterprise, and to become an enterprise jointly developed by customers, enterprises and employees, is the star sea that xiangpuli has been pursuing since its birth. In 1999, perlamar Korea was established; In 2004, the 41st trade day won the president’s award of one million US dollars export; In 2013, the New York flagship store opened and gradually settled in 48 countries around the world, such as London and Denmark. Since its establishment, xiangpuli has been strictly adhering to the product composition standards, adhering to the concept of service quality, conquering many beauty lovers all over the world. With the help of skincare experts’ professional technology, typholi provides every customer with beautiful formula, so that they can get comprehensive care of their body, mind and face, and regain their new skin.

Sunscreen should be selected for the right way. The fragrant skin moisturizing and sunscreen is used to understand the skin needs, natural essence and natural sunscreen. With the original intention of solving skin problems for customers, typholi will continue to create more highlights on the way of witnessing more beautiful transformation!



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