The capital Bureau behind the divorce of star couples

In the early morning of May 20, Chen Sicheng and Tong Liya announced their divorce through microblog, which immediately attracted many attention. According to incomplete statistics from Beijing business daily, in the past month, at least three pairs of stars have divorced or broken up. While people are paying attention to the relevant events themselves, the commercial territory behind the stars involved has emerged again, and many companies are associated with them. As star couples choose to divorce, whether this will affect the capital behind them has become the focus of attention.


Commercial territory emerging

“2011-2020 story has come to an end… You will always be my favorite people, change your identity to protect”, “the world is worth it, the future can be expected”. On the morning of May 20, Chen Sicheng and Tong Liya jointly posted an article on Weibo, officially confirming their divorce. According to incomplete statistics from Beijing business daily, this is also the third couple to confirm divorce or break up in nearly a month after actor Zhao Liying and star couple Feng Shaofeng announced their divorce.

While the divorce incident has been widely concerned by the outside world, the commercial territory behind the relevant stars has also become the focus of attention of all parties, and many stars are associated with many companies.

Tong Liya’s name is related to five companies, four of which are 100% owned personal film and television culture studios. At the same time, she also participated in the establishment of Shanghai Guangyu brand management partnership (limited partnership) in April 2021, whose business scope includes brand management, hotel management, catering management, etc.

Chen Sicheng (formerly known as Chen Sicheng) is better at capital operation than Tong Liya. Chen Sicheng is a director, actor, screenwriter and producer. He has not only achieved great success in the film market, but also become the first box office director in domestic film history. He is good at capital operation and controls 11 companies. In addition, it had been backed by Wanda film and television and had a close relationship with Wanda.

Among them, Hainan Yicheng film and television culture studio, Huanyu (Hainan) Investment Co., Ltd., Chen Sicheng (Shanghai) film and television culture studio and Xinyi Zhicheng film and television culture studio are 100% owned by them. At the same time, in the movie “Chinatown detective 3”, many production and joint distribution companies are also related to Chen Sicheng.

Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng, who were divorced before, also have a large commercial territory. Among them, Zhao Liying is associated with Beijing Hairun Film Co., Ltd., Jiangsu straw bear Film Co., Ltd., Chongqing new maritime film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., and Feng Shaofeng is associated with Zhejiang Dongyang Haohan film and television entertainment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Dongwei film and Television Co., Ltd.

Unbound affiliated companies

It is not new for stars to set up or participate in related companies“ In order to develop their own career, some stars will set up their own studios to undertake related performance projects. At the same time, stars will also invest to become shareholders of related companies to obtain higher returns, and related companies can also help their own development with the help of stars’ market influence. ” Said Zeng Rong, an analyst in the film and television media industry.

However, by observing the recent divorcing or breaking up stars, we can find that there is no commercial connection between them, although they are all related to a number of companies. Between Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng, according to tianyancha app, there is no direct connection between Zhao Liying’s affiliated companies and Feng Shaofeng’s affiliated companies.

This phenomenon also appears between Chen Sicheng and Tong Liya. In Chen Sicheng’s business domain, Chen Shengqi, his father, is the one most associated with him, never Tong Liya. Chen Shengqi has 8 related enterprises, including Beijing Yitong Vision Management Consulting Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yitong film and television production Co., Ltd., Yusheng (Hainan) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., Huanyu (Hainan) Investment Co., Ltd., etc.

After the success of the Chinatown detective (823 million yuan) and Chinatown detective 2 (3 billion 398 million yuan), in June 2019, the Beijing Yi Tong legendary film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., founded by Chen Shengqi as the legal representative, was filmed in the simultaneous interpreting of “Chinatown 3”.

Shareholder information shows that Beijing one Vision Management Consulting Co., Ltd. is the largest shareholder of simultaneous interpreting Legend Culture Limited company in Beijing. The former is jointly owned by Chen Shengqi and Chen Sicheng, and the shareholding ratio is 80% and 20% respectively.

However, similarly, there is no Chen Sicheng in Tong Liya’s affiliated companies.

Many people think that this shows that they may have been divorced for a long time, and they have been dividing up their property until the official announcement of divorce.

In the view of investment analyst Xu Shan, whether there is a business connection mainly depends on whether they have the same direction or plan in their career development. If they have the same positioning, or want to develop a business together through their resources, they can also set up a company together; If the career development direction is not the same, it does not have to be bound together. After all, this is also their own work. They can plan separately, and there is no need to be completely bound together.

Independent development, each well

With the divorce of star couple, will their respective business territory be affected?

Zeng Rong believes that if the two had developed independently before, they would not have had too much connection with each other, and the impact would be relatively limited; In the past, if most of them were bound together for common development, the separation may affect the subsequent career process to a certain extent.

From the current feedback on divorce or breakup, many voices have appeared one after another. Some voices believe that separation will not affect their own judgment of relevant stars, and if there are high-quality works, they will continue to support the development of their career. At the same time, other voices said that they would support the development of related stars more than in the past.

In the view of people in the industry, this is still related to the development orientation of the stars themselves. We need to plan our career development according to the actual situation. Xu Shan said that when choosing the orientation of stars, they need to plan in combination with the market environment, industry development and individuals. Although divorce and other events are more personal life events, because stars are public figures, they will inevitably be affected to a certain extent, especially those stars who show too many family elements, or set up for people, or easy to contact with performance projects in related fields Advertising, after the change, will have to re plan their own market positioning and career layout.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Zheng Rui

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