New projection brand “Xiaoming” officially launched

On May 20, the new projection brand “Xiaoming” officially appeared, and released its first home projection product – Xiaoming Q1 mini projector. Two color versions of cloud white and Shan orange are available at the price of 1099 yuan.

Beijing Business Daily reporter found that, unlike the mainstream infrared signal remote controller of thousand yuan machine, Xiaoming Q1 remote controller uses Bluetooth signal connection, so it does not need to aim at the projector when operating; Through the Bluetooth remote control, you can also talk with the built-in voice assistant of Xiaoai, which not only makes it more convenient to search, control and play, but also can access the app of miejia, realizing the cross device control of miejia’s smart home environment.

“The intelligent large screen business has been developed for many years. The user’s habit of watching video on the large screen has been formed, and the viewing demand and duration are growing rapidly.” Zhang hang, vice president of iqiyi, said: “iqiyi will provide massive content resources and high-quality content services for users of Xiaoming projector. In the future, through the joint exploration of both sides, we will create a better large screen entertainment experience for users. “

Beijing Business News (reporter Jin Chaoli)

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